Patrol & Membership Database (PAM)

This section contains information for club database administrators who have access to the CRM or Member Portal.

2023 Database Upgrade

The Patrol and Memberships Database (CRM and the Member Portal) has now been upgraded to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 as of Monday, August 21st. All data that was previously available to you will still be accessible in this new system with some visual changes. Some key info for this is outlined below.

User Training and Support: To ensure a smooth transition, training material has been provided below to cover all processes in the new systems. Please contact for further support.

Logging In: 

  • Your login details for the CRM are slightly different. Your password remains the same, while your username will now be
  • Your login details for the Membership Portal remain unchanged (SLS_membershipnumber)

We understand that this upgrade may raise questions or concerns, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the transition process. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this upgrade.

What is PAM?

PAM is a central database for all Surf Life Saving clubs in New Zealand. It is used to log details of members (contact details, awards, memberships etc) and patrols and incidents. PAM holds this information securely, and the data gives us an understanding of trends across the whole organisation. All clubs must log their members, patrols and incidents onto PAM. The database has two components - the CRM and the Member Portal.


CRM User Guide (PDF) 
Access the CRM here - 

CRM Frequently Asked Questions:

Member Portal:

Member Portal User Guide (PDF)
Access to the Member Portal here - 

PAM Overview
Course Booking System User Guide - load your members onto various courses set up by staff
Logging In - info for club admins and members
Club Admin Levels
Club Admin Portal Log Ins - setting up members with access to the Portal
Club - how to amend your club details and view/add club roles
Members - information on your members and how to view and edit their contact information
Memberships - information on memberships and how to roll your memberships over to the current season
Families - how to create families within your club, remove members, and utilise the family subscription record
Applications - action the new membership applications into your club
Transfers - action the transfers in and out of your club
Awards  - how to view your club awards and how to create a new award recipient
Incidents - how to enter your incident details
Patrol Teams - set your patrol teams up, elect the members and the dates that the team will patrol on.
Patrols (set up) - enter your patrol captains report forms in the Patrols section.
Patrols (editing) - enter your patrol captains report forms into patrols which have already been created.

PAM Training Videos: