Surf To School

Can't make it to a beach?


Never fear, we can bring surf safety education to your school!

Surf to School is an alternative to Beach Education for schools that have more difficulty getting their students to the beach. Delivered by surf lifeguards, this fun and interactive learning experience allows students to gain awareness of surf safety in their very own classroom.

With Surf to School, you have the option of a 45 - 60 minute in class session or a 90 minute theory & practical pool session. Just like Beach Education, Surf to School is affordable, age-appropriate learning for school year levels 0-8.

The cost of Surf to School varies dependent upon regional factors including travel. The regional coordinator will confirm what charges and minimum booking numbers will apply for each individual case as part of the booking process.

As with Beach Ed, our delivery period is in Term 4 and Term 1 in most areas of Aotearoa. In some areas we may be able to come to your school outside of the usual delivery period or for less than a full day.

Bookings for the 2023-2024 season are open!

Making a booking enquiry

The first step of booking Surf to School is to make a booking enquiry to find out when we are in your area. Please email the following information to the Regional Community Education Coordinator for your area:

  • School name and location (physical address)
  • School start, finish time and morning tea and lunch break times
  • Key contact person
  • The number of students per classroom and the age / year group
  • Preferred date/s 
  • Which programme does the school want to do:
    • Classroom theory sessions (45 to 60 min. per session) or
    • Theory and pool sessions (90 minutes per session)
  • Email address and contact phone number.

Our regional team will then contact you to confirm booking plans.

If you have a query about the Surf to School programme, please get in touch with one of our Regional Education Coordinators.

Regional Community Education Coordinators:

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Health and Safety

Surf to School operates with comprehensive health and safety practices in place. Up-to-date and relevant risk management procedures ensure a safe physical and emotional environment for all participants. All instructors are highly qualified and experienced Surf Lifeguards.

Risk Analysis

Surf Life Saving New Zealand has risk analysis management systems in place for all of the activities during Surf to School. These are used to identify, assess and manage risks associated with each of these specific activities.

Cancellation Policy

Due to missed opportunities for other schools we have a strict cancellation policy. If your booking is cancelled within 3 weeks of your booking date 50% of the total bill will be invoiced. This will be based on the number of students specified in the booking details. If your booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the booking or your school does not show on the day, you will be invoiced the total bill. If you are cancelling more than 3 weeks out from your booking date, you will not be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do these sessions take place? Surf to School is based at your school. We can set up in a classroom, school hall or on the school field if the weather allows. If you have a school pool available a practical component can also be added to the programme.
  • What do we need for Surf to School? The lifeguards bring all the resources to you for the Surf to School programme. If you are participating in the 90 minute (with pool) programme students will need the following:
    • Togs & towel
    • Sunblock - SPF 30+
  • What does the programme cost? The Surf to School programme cost is between $5 - $8 per child. When you make a booking enquiry we will send you information and the cost for the day.
  • How do we pay for Surf to School? We will invoice the school on completion of the programme. Your invoice will be for the total number of students who have participated in the programme.
  • How many bookings can you take in one day? We can do five theory sessions or three theory and pool sessions into one day. Session times will be determined by your school operating hours and the time of your school breaks. We can take syndicate and school bookings over a couple of days.
  • Is there a minimum booking number? Yes. In order to cover our costs we need at least a class size to attend. This is approximately 30 students however the Auckland area may vary.
  • What if I need to cancel my Surf to School booking? If you wish to cancel your booking entirely then you must give at least three weeks' notice. If a cancellation is made within three weeks of your proposed booking date you will be invoiced 50% of the total bill. If your booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the booking date you will be invoice 100% of the total bill.