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Help us #SaveTheMales!

New Zealand, we're inviting Dwayne Johnson (aka "The Rock") to Aotearoa to talk to Kiwi blokes about beach safety. 

Here's how you can help:

Step 1. Throughout the month of October, SLSNZ will be posting to The Rock. Please share our posts and TAG HIM with the hashtag #SaveTheMales so we can get his attention!

Step 2. Keen to get creative? We've put together some beach photos of The Rock that you can photoshop yourself and your friends into...but this is just the beginning! You could create a video, GIF, Meme...whatever you think might draw The Rock's attention to this important cause. Just make sure to keep it family friendly, tag SLSNZ so he knows your post is linked to the campaign, and include the hashtag #SaveTheMales.

The Rock:

Facebook: @DwayneJohnson
Instagram: @therock 
Twitter: @DwayneJohnson


Facebook: @surflifesaving
Instagram: @slsnz
Twitter: @SLSNZ

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#SaveTheMales Media Coverage

Key Beach Safety Messages

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Read the full overview below:

Check out the document library below for photos of your local SLSNZ Club beach with The Rock...or create your own using the PNG file of The Rock himself! You'll also find key beach safety messages and drowning stats. 

All of these can be uploaded to your club or personal Facebook & Instagram (be sure to tag SLSNZ and The Rock in your posts with the #SaveTheMales).