Hazard Signs

A quick read can save lives!

There are many different signs around our beaches and other aquatic environments which illustrate hazards that may be present in the area. It's important to read this information so you can learn about the different and changeable environment that might be present, whether you are going to a beach, river, lake or other aquatic environment.

Some common information you might expect to see is a map of the area, rules around animals, fires, vehicles and hazards or warnings you might need to note.

Stay safe and take note!

North Piha

WARNING: Swimming not advised

Swimming not advised.

Swimming not advised

Warning: Strong currents

Strong currents hazardous to people undertaking aquatic activity.

Strong Currents

Warning: High surf or large breaking waves

Large, rapid moving mass of water in which people could be caught.

Large Breaking Waves

Warning: Incoming tides

Incoming tides that could cause people to become trapped.

Incoming Tides

Warning: Deep shelving beach

Sudden drop to deep water at the edge of a land mass, such as a beach, where people could fall unexpectedly because of the sudden change in the depth of the water.

Deep Shelving Beach (1)

Warning: Shallow water (diving)

Area of shallow water where people, if they dived, could strike the floor.

Shallow Water (Diving)

Warning: Deep water

Area of water where people could get out of their depth.

Deep Water

Warning: Submerged objects

Area of water where people, if they dived, could strike submerged objects.

Submerged Objects

Warning: Sharks

Shark attack.


Warning: Unstable cliff

Falling rocks, unstable cliffs.

Unstable Cliff

Warning: Unstable cliff edge

Falling off cliff.

Unstable Cliff Edge