Surfing’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy nature. Here’s some handy hints that’ll keep you out there.

Check It Before You Charge It
Check for hazards like crowds or rocks before you paddle out. Take it easy on your first couple of waves and only go hard once you know what’s going on out there.

Respect Others And Give Them Space
Lots of injuries (and dings) happen when people drop in on another person’s wave. If someone’s up and riding, leave them to it. Look out for others in case they need help out there.

If In Doubt, Don’t Paddle Out
Before you get in the water, check the conditions to make sure you’re up to it, especially if it’s a spot you’ve never surfed before.

Hold On To Your Board
A runaway board can damage other boards, or worse, injure other surfers. Keep yours close, and always wear a leg rope.

Cover Your Head When You Fall Off
Wiping out happens to the best of us. When you fall off, remember to cover your head so you don’t get an unwanted bump.