Rock Fishing

Rock fishing has been the highest-risk activity for coastal fatal drownings in previous years.

 Be Prepared and know how to float
Only go fishing off rocks if you know how to float well. Always wear a lifejacket, it can be a lifesaver, – so use one that’s well fitted and in good condition. Instead of gumboots wear shoes or booties with good grip that are designed for the water. These will help stop you from slipping and won’t fill up with water. Plus, it pays to take a floatation device that could be thrown to you. Even a bucket that floats can be helpful.

 Go fishing with a friend
If something happens they can help. If you fall in stay calm, float on your back and ask them to help by throwing you the floatation device. Plus, fishing with a friend makes it all the more fun, right?

 Be aware of the dangers
Before you cast off, check what the tide’s doing and think about how it could affect where you’re fishing. Watch the area for a while so you can see what the waves are doing. Never turn your back to the sea as large waves can sweep you off the rocks unexpectedly. If you’re in doubt, don’t go out.

 Know your limits
Lastly, if you’re not up for it, or the weather’s looking a bit meh, save it for another day. There’s always tomorrow.