Inflatable Toys


Inflatable kayaks, dinghies, and pool toys might be convenient, lightweight, and fun but they also come with risk. Strong currents and winds can easily blow them out to sea, where you can quickly find yourself out of your depth and far away from shore.

No Match for the Surf or Open Sea
• Inflatable dinghies and kayaks are no match for the surf or open seas. The wind can sweep you out to sea fast, and large waves could easily tip you out.
• Even on the calmest beaches, using inflatable pool toys could be dangerous if an offshore breeze sweeps you or your children out to sea very quickly.
Know Their Limits
• Inflatable dinghies and kayaks aren't a built for the surf or open seas.
• Make sure what you're doing with your inflatable vessel matches its limits and capabilities, as well as your own skill level.
• Use inflatable pool toys in the pool not at the beach.

Keep Calm, Stay on it, Signal for Help!
If you do ignore the safety advice and find yourself being swept out to sea on an inflatable dinghy/kayak:
• STAY ON IT (it will keep you afloat)