Activity Hazards

Activity Hazards

Many people enjoy spending time on or in the ocean, but there are some important tips for some of the most popular activities that will help keep you safe when you head out to the beach or coast.

Tragically every year New Zealand sees fatal drownings as a result of people not following these guidelines, particularly with activities such as rock fishing and kai gathering. So take note and keep safe this summer.


Rock fishing has been the highest-risk activity for coastal fatal drownings in previous years. Please see here for more information on always wearing a lifejacket and other advice.


For many people kai gathering is an important part of culture and is a popular pastime, however people don’t realise the potential dangers, especially when snorkelling for kai. Read more here.


Check our important safety tips before open water swimming, read more here.

You can also download a free Swimming NZ guide to open water swimming by clicking here.


Inflatable kayaks, dinghies, and pool toys might be convenient, lightweight, and fun but they also come with risk. Strong currents and winds can easily blow them out to sea, where you can quickly find yourself out of your depth and far away from shore. Read more here.