Safe Driving Tips

If driving to events or on holiday this summer below are some great tips for keeping yourself safe on the roads.  For more information check out or website.

  • Don't drive while tired.  Sleep is a killer on the roads!
  • Avoid driving very early in the morning and late at night when the body is not at peak alertness.
  • Don't drive alone - have people you can swap with and can make sure you stay alert.
  • Swap drivers every 100km - be disciplined on this.
  • Stop for a proper break at least once every 200km.
  • If weather conditions make travel marginal (e.g. high winds with trailers) - then don't travel.
  • Make sure trailers are not overloaded, loads are secure, are registered and have a current WOF with working lights/brakes etc.
  • Make sure your car is registered and holds a current WOF.  Check your cars state before taking a trip, e.g. tire pressure, window washer liquid, lights.
  • Plan ahead - if you need secure storage to allow an overnight stop on the way then allow enough planning time to find it.
  • Extend your vision - The earlier you spot a potential hazard, the more time you will have to take evasive action.
  • Keep your eyes moving - as well as looking ahead, you should also use mirrors to look to the sides and behind often enough to be aware of surroundings traffic.
  • Create a safety cushion - make sure there is a safe distance in all directions between you, other vehicles and potential hazards.
  • Don't get distracted.
  • Identify escape routes - be ready to take quick evasive action if required.
  • Ideally have a club policy on driving to events and that everyone knows about it.