Surf Official Level 1


The Level 1 Surf Official Award is an entry level award given to candidates that have demonstrated competency in a range of surf official support roles and whom have demonstrated basic knowledge of the rules relating to surf sport events. This award enables parents, caregivers and other to get involved in support of surf sport athletes of all ages. The course aims to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to officiate at club and regional levels.

The Level 1 Surf Official Award is the first step on the SLSNZ Surf Official Development Pathway. 

Training Information 


Current member of a SLS club  | 16 years of age

Training Type

Option 1. One day course (5 hrs + breaks) followed by 2 days practical experience as an assistant official.

Option 2. Self directed online learning (2-3 hrs) followed by a 2hr practical session and 2 days practical experience as an assistant official.

Course Facilitator

Option 1. One day course - delivered by trained and approved SLSNZ facilitator/s.

Option 2. Access to online and regional support by trained and experienced officials.

Who should attend

Any SLSNZ club members interested in getting started in surf officiating including competitors, or previous competitors, parents, supporters or existing volunteer 'officials' with no formal training/award.

Participant requirements

Completion of either a one day Level 1 Surf Official course or completion of the online learning workbook and 2 hr. practical session, plus completion of two days practical experience. 

Topics covered

1. Introduction to officiating 2. Surf Officials Roles 3. Communication with athletes
4. Assessment and Accreditation 5. Surf Sport rules and regulations 6. Principles of Risk Management & Health and Safety


At the completion of this award officials will be able to:

  1. Observe, Record, Report
  2. Identify the athlete centred approach to officiating
  3. Identify and demonstrate selected roles of surf officials
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of effective communication
  5. Identify risk management processes and values relevant to surf officials
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the rules of surf life saving sports


To register for the online learning option or for a one day course, please contact your Regional Sports Manager.