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Technical Officials Application for Lifesaving World Championships 2020 Riccione Italy

Applications are invited from experienced and suitably qualified persons who wish to be considered for appointment as a Technical Official (TO) at the Lifesaving World Championships in Riccione, Italy 2020 which will take place from September 18th to 5th October 2020.

The only method of applying is by the completion the form online.  You must submit your application by 30th November 2019 at the very latest. The link is:

The Championships will be hosted by the Federazione Italiana Nuoto (Sezione Salvamento), FIN-S, the full member Federation from Italy.  The Lifesaving World Championships were last hosted by Italy in 2004 at Viareggio.  In 2020 the events will be held at Riccione on the Adriatic coast of the country. All Pool events will be held at the Stadio del Nuoto Riccione, Via Monte Rossa, Riccione Centre and all Ocean and Beach events will be held at Via Torino 72, 47838 Riccione, just to the south of the centre of Riccione.


All applicants need to be aware that in Riccione 2020, certain roles that you may have applied for and fulfilled in the past will not be available to you at these Lifesaving World Championships.  For instance:

  • The Italian Federation is obliged to use the services of the Italian Timekeepers Federation. 
  • All results handling will be carried out by Microplus Informatica on behalf of the Italian Federation and the ILS, so the positions of Results Handlers and Chief Scorers will be filled by personnel from that company
  • All safety cover will be provided by the Italian Federation through the use of PWCs primarily so IRB drivers and crew will not be required.

Please note that such roles have therefore been removed from the list of roles that a TO may apply to be appointed to fill.


Please also note:

  • One cannot be appointed a TO for only one day of a specific Championship and be excused for the following day/s.
  • Once appointed you are expected to officiate for the entire duration of that specific Championship(s) to which you are appointed.
  • All appointed TO’s MUST attend their Championships Briefings prior to the commencement of the Championship – these are usually in the afternoon or evening before the championship. 
  • All TO briefings will all take place at the Stadio del Nuoto Riccione – the venue of the swimming pool.
  • The Sport Commission will seek your federation’s endorsement before appointment.


Upon applying for appointment, TO’s should note that officiating can be physically demanding.  It is not always an easy job and it can be tiring for some. It is suggested that TO’s study the programme carefully and schedule in appropriate rest day(s) before applying for specific Championships. The programme can be accessed on the LWC 2020 website:


Please only apply if you definitely intend to come to LWC 2020 in Riccione. Furthermore note that the application process is not a lottery – but applying for each and every championships does not increase your chances of being appointed, and then you later withdraw from a championships because you need a rest. The Championships Officials Panel consider it is not only disruptive and time consuming to amend the appointment schedules when TO’s withdraw, but it is unfair to the other TO’s who then have to take on additional duties and or roles of the TO who has withdrawn from the LWC.  We understand that circumstances do change, but if you have to withdraw notify us as soon as possible.


If you have any problems completing and submitting this form, or need any assistance, please contact the Secretary of the ILS Sport Commission, Jelle Meintsma by separate email, giving as much information as possible to help him identify the problem. Please do not submit any additional documents such as a CV, Qualification Certificates or Resumé or communicate with Jelle via another medium such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. His is email address is   


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