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The history page for Surf Life Saving New Zealand Teams is about remembering the true meaning of representing the Silver Fern and what it stands for.  Remembering the superhuman performances that capture a nation and also to celebrate the success over the many years of competing on the international stage.

New Zealand Teams compete in a range of International Competitions around the World and prove ourselves as leaders in sport.  Below are five key event or Tours Surf Life Saving regularly compete at, from our Surf Boat "Oar Blacks" to our inspiring "Junior Black Fins" to the mighty ''Black Fins'' and Black Props.

A stoic New Zealand lifesaver: Mr E J Stevens. Auckland's representative and New Zealand's flag bearer at the Inter-Dominion championships at Manley, Sydned, 1938.

Lifesaving World Championships

The ILS World Life Saving Championships are the world championships for lifesaving sport events. They are sanctioned by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS), conducted every 2 years, and commonly marketed and known as the ‘Rescue’ series, for example – Rescue 2008.

The World Life Saving Championships incorporate - National Teams World Championships, Interclub Teams World Championships, Masters World Championships, Surfboats World Championships and IRB World Championships. Additional championships can include additional events such as March Past, Long distance Race. The World Championships typically attract between 3,000 and 5,000 competitors and officials, and are conducted over a period of 12 to 14 days.

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International Surf Rescue Challenge

The International Surf Rescue Challenge (ISRC) started as the Trans-Tasman Challenge, a traditional surf lifesaving competition between Australia and New Zealand that was first commenced in 1937. In 1999 South Africa was invited to compete and the Tri Nations Challenge was born.

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Sanya International Lifesaving Cup

Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup is the only international event among all lifesaving competitions held in Japan. This event has grown into a major competition and continuously attracts top lifesavers from all over the world. It was first held in Chiba, followed by Kanagawa, Wakayama, Aichi, and Miyazaki, and has taken place in Fukuoka since 2017.

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Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge

The purpose of the Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge is to have the best New Zealand and Australian surf boat crews in Open Men’s and Women’s age category compete in National Team colours.

Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge
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International Tours & Games

There has been a proud history of New Zealand Team competing on the international stage and opportunities to compete in a variety of competitions change over the years.  Check out some of the historic and recent teams that have represented New Zealand on the international stage.

International Tours & Games
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New Zealand Squads

The SLSNZ High Performance Squad (‘HP Squad’) is where New Zealand representative teams are generally selected.

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