2020-2021 Squads & Teams

At the 2020 New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships SLSNZ announced the following squads for 2020-2021.

“The belief in myself, my team, our preparation and our country”

NZ Black Fins

New Zealand Open Squad

  • Briana Irving (Waikanae)
  • Carina Doyle (St Clair)
  • Casie Fyall (Waikanae)
  • Chris Dawson (Midway)
  • Claudia Kelly (East End)
  • Cory Taylor (Midway)
  • Daniel Rippon (Piha)
  • Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay)
  • Hayley Cox (Lyall Bay)
  • Jarvis Hansen (Taylors Mistake)
  • Kodi Harman (Papamoa)
  • Lewis Clareburt (Lyall Bay)
  • Levi Ata (Piha)
  • Libby Bradley (Mt Maunganui)
  • Lochlainn O'Connor (Mt Maunganui)
  • Lucy Makaea (Piha)
  • Madison Kidd (Whangamata)
  • Max Beattie (Omanu)
  • Mike Lee (Mairangi Bay)
  • Natalie Peat (Papamoa)
  • Olivia Corrin (Midway)
  • Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui)
  • Oscar Williams (Piha)
  • Rachel Clarke (Mairangi Bay)
  • Sasha Reid (Fitzroy)
  • Scott Cowdrey (Papamoa)
  • Steven Kent (Titahi Bay)
  • Zac Quickenden (South Brighton)
  • Zac Reid (Fitzroy)


  •  Head Coach: Matt Cairns
  • Assistant Coach (Beach): Cory Hutchings
  • Assistant Coach (Pool): Daniel Grant
  • Assistant Coach (Swim): TBC
  • Manager: Steven Vaughan
  • Assistant Manager: Fiona Hastie
  • Physiotherapist: Kendall Stevenson

A reduced Lifesaving World Championships Squad will be named in May

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New Zealand Worlds Youth Squad

  • Astaria Teaukura (Mairangi Bay)
  • Ava Smith (Wainui)
  • Briana Irving (Waikanae)
  • Jack Keepa (Wainui)
  • Joe Collins (Fitzroy)
  • Lachie Falloon (Waikanae)
  • Lucy North (East End)
  • Molly Shivnan (Omanu)
  • Olive Pearce (Mt Maunganui)
  • Patrick Makgill (Red Beach)
  • Sam Brown (Otaki)
  • Sasha Reid (Fitzroy)
  • Seven Mapu (Waikanae)
  • Sophie Lynskey (Mount Maunganui)
  • Thomas MacGibbon (Sumner)
  • Thomas Scott (Omanu)
  • Wesley Akeripa (Ocean Beach Kiwi)


  • Head Coach: Zac Franich
  • Assistant Coach (Ocean): Mike Janes 
  • Manager: Byron Reid
  • Assistant Manager: William Wilkins
  • Physio: Mike Ellis

The Youth Lifesaving World Championships Team will be named in May

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New Zealand Oar Blacks Male Crew:  Muriwai VLS

  • Jason Stroud
  • Rob McCaig
  • Kendall Dooley
  • Liam McMaster
  • Danny Tenheuvel (Sweep)

New Zealand Oar Blacks Female Crew:  Titahi Bay SLSC

  • Moira MacDonald
  • Tracey Mills
  • Lisa McIvor
  • Sinead Clark
  • Wil McDowell (Sweep)

New Zealand U23 Male Crew:  Whangamata SLSC

  • Zane Sweetman
  • Josh Nicholas
  • Taine Wilson
  • Sergio Schuler
  • Steve Pipe (Sweep)

New Zealand U23 Female Crew:  Orewa SLSC

  • Tyler McDowell
  • Meisha Knegt
  • Lucy Murden
  • Kendra Stinson
  • Ashleigh Paotama
  • Mark McCarthny (Sweep)
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Women's Crews:  Sunset Beach

  • Taylor Shrimpton
  • Abigail Chapman

Men's Crews:  Sunset Beach

  • Shane Edwards
  • Mark Edwards


  • Coach: Jaron Mumby
  • Manager: Andrew Lancaster


Following a High Performance Camp in December and trials at the BP North Island IRB Championships in February,  the crews for the following crews have been selected for the 2020 Lifesaving World Championships. Patients will be added at a later date

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