2022-2023 Squads & Teams

“The belief in myself, my team, our preparation and our country”

NZ Black Fins


The SLSNZ High Performance Squad (‘HP Squad’) is where New Zealand representative teams are generally selected.  Selection into the HP Squad is made according to the SLSNZ Squads and New Zealand Team Selection Policy.

Enquiries can be directed to the SLSNZ High Performance Manager Tanya.hamilton@surflifesaving.org.nz Mob 0279472612.



High Performance Squad Selection Applications:

Applications for Selection for pool rescue athletes are now open.

  • Applications close Monday 3rd October 5pm 2022.

The Selection Application form is located here.  

Who can apply?

Current HP Squad athletes will be contacted if they do not reapply, just to confirm they still aspire for selection to NZ Teams.  New athletes aspiring to compete on the world stage in the next two years can also apply.

Selection Events:

Athletes and coaches should refer to the Selection Policy Section 10.0 for Selection Events.

Selection Announcements:

The selection announcement for pool rescue athletes is scheduled post Pool Rescue Nationals 2022.

Selection Panel:

Scott Bartlett, Michelle Mitchell, John Creighton



Please find here the Athlete Agreement Template. All selected athletes will be required to sign the Athlete Agreement.  

2022 Lifesaving World Championships
Riccione, Italy

  • Charlize Menefy - Orewa
  • George Wenman - Orewa
  • Lucy Bartlett - Omanu
  • Jack Keepa - Waikanae
  • Summer Rolston - Waikanae
  • Gus Shivnan - Omanu
  • Rosie Falcous - South Brighton
  • Lachie Falloon - Waikanae (Captain)
  • Zoe Crawford - Mairangi Bay (Captain)
  • Jayden Murphy - Mt Maunganui
  • Talitha McEwan - Mt Maunganui
  • Oska Smith - Waikanae

Download the Junior Black Fins Team Poster here

2022 Lifesaving World Championships
Riccione, Italy

  • Steven Kent – Mairangi Bay (Captain)
  • Madison Kidd – Whangamata
  • Max Beattie - Omanu
  • Danielle McKenzie – Mairangi Bay
  • Cory Taylor - Midway (Vice Captain)
  • Natalie Peat – Papamoa
  • Chris Dawson - Midway
  • Fergus Eadie - Mairangi Bay
  • Olivia Corrin - Midway
  • Molly Shivnan - Omanu
  • Michael Hanna - Waikanae
  • Briana Irving - Waikanae

Reserve Athletes

  • Claudia Kelly – East End
  • Joe Collins - Fitzroy

Withdrawn due to injury

  • Lewis Clareburt – Lyall Bay

Download the Black Fins Team Poster here


Ocean Athletes

  • Charlize Menefy, Orewa SLSC
  • Christy Tate, Waikanae SLSC
  • Cory Taylor, Midway SLSC
  • Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Ella Kingi, Ōtaki SLSC
  • Flynn Hamilton, Taylors Mistake SLSC
  • Freya Stolte, East End SLSC
  • James Scott, Orewa SLSC
  • Jayden Murphy, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Joe Collins, Fitzroy SLSC
  • Julia Padrutt, East End SLSC
  • Kade Scheib, Red Beach SLSC
  • Kate Rogers, Red Beach SLSC
  • Kiana O'Fee, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Lachie Falloon, Waikanae SLSC
  • Max Beattie, Omanu SLSC
  • Olivia Corrin, Midway SLSC
  • Sam Roy, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Summer Rolston, Waikanae SLSC
  • Tom Scott, Omanu SLSC

Ocean & Pool Rescue Athletes

  • Claudia Kelly, East End SLSC
  • George Wenman, Orewa SLSC
  • Gus Shivnan, Omanu SLSC
  • Jack Keepa, Waikanae SLSC
  • Kailen Brackebush, Orewa SLSC
  • Lucy Bartlett, Omanu SLSC
  • Molly Shivnan, Omanu SLSC
  • Monique Bartlett, Omanu SLSC
  • Olive Pearce, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Pippa Nicol, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Tara Shotter, East End SLSC
  • Zoe Crawford , Mairangi Bay SLSC

Pool Rescue Athletes

  • Chris Dawson, Midway SLSC
  • Fergus Eadie, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Hugo Wrathall, Waimairi SLSC
  • Kendra Stinson, Orewa SLSC
  • Lewis Clareburt, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • Lochlain O'Connor, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Louis Clark, Taylors Mistake SLSC
  • Lucy Makaea, Piha SLSC
  • Madison Kidd, Whangamata SLSC
  • Michael Pickett, Waikanae SLSC
  • Natalie Peat, Papamoa SLSC
  • Raeann Kwan, Orewa SLSC
  • Sasha Reid, Fitzroy SLSC
  • Sophie Irving, Ōtaki SLSC
  • Steven Kent, Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • Talitha McEwan, Mount Maunganui SLSC
  • Zac Reid, Fitzroy SLSC

Beach Athletes

  • Briana Irving, Waikanae SLSC
  • Casie Fyall, Waikanae SLSC
  • Daniel Rippon, Piha SLSC
  • Harrison Bond, Omanu SLSC
  • Josh Goble, East End SLSC
  • Michael Hanna, Waikanae SLSC
  • Oska Smith, Waikanae SLSC
  • Rosie Falcous, South Brighton SLSC
  • Seven Mapu, Waikanae SLSC
  • Sophie Lynskey, Mount Maunganui SLSC