Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge

2023 Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge

  • NZ Surf Boat Trial, 11 December, Whangamata
  • Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge, 4 February, Waihi Beach


2019 Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge

The annual Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge returns to Aotearoa shores this weekend at Waihi Beach, where the national New Zealand and Australia teams will battle it out for top honours in what is set to be a thrilling weekend.

Held for the last few years, the Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge brings together the best surf boat crews from Australia and New Zealand to compete for the Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge Trophy.


In 2020 the New Zealand Surf Boat team will compete against their Australian couterparts at the annual New Zealand vs Australia Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge. This will be held as part of the ASRL Open 2020 at Mollymook Beach, Sydney. The test is a three race challenge for Open Men and Open Women National Teams as well as the New Zealand and Australian Development Men and Women's crews. New Zealand and Australia compete each year, with each country hosting bi-annually.

Trans Tasman Surf Boat Challenge Results

Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge - Teams


New Zealand Oar Blacks Men’s crew:

Titahi Bay SLSC

  • Kyle Lang
  • Brett Hamer
  • Chris Middleton
  • Martyn McDowell
  • Wil McDowell (Sweep)

New Zealand Oar Blacks Women’s crew:

Titahi Bay SLSC

  • Georgia McLaren
  • Tracey Mills
  • Kathryn Kinvig
  • Angie Keen
  • Wil McDowell (Sweep)

New Zealand U23 Men’s crew:

Titahi Bay SLSC

  • Fraser McLaren
  • Callum Watts-Pointer
  • Adam Stella
  • Darryn Stapleton
  • Tim Marsden (Sweep)

New Zealand U23 Women’s crew:

Titahi Bay SLSC

  • Maya Stillwell
  • Luisa Stillwell
  • Bernice Holford
  • Moira MacDonald
  • Tim Marsden (Sweep)


Australia Open Women’s crew:


  • Penelope Hamilton
  • Shannon Grimsey
  • Jen Davis
  • Rachel Clayphan
  • Damien Clayphan (Sweep)

Australia Open Men’s crew:


  • Duke Brierty
  • John Paterson
  • Daniel Tamblyn
  • Brad Mitchell
  • Richard Brierty (Sweep)

Australia U23 Women’s crew:

North Cronulla

  • Madeline McDonald
  • Alysha Lerond
  • Hayley Urquhart
  • Maggie Mahoney
  • Mark McDonald (Sweep)

Australia U23 Men’s crew:

North Cronulla

  • Jackson Ford
  • Tom Mailey
  • Matthew Workman
  • Matthew Hammond
  • Mark McDonald (Sweep)