2020 New Zealand Surf Boat Crews

In 2020 the New Zealand Surf Boat team will compete against their Australian couterparts at the annual New Zealand vs Australia Trans-Tasman Surf Boat Challenge. This will be held as part of the ASRL Open 2020 at Mollymook Beach, Sydney. The test is a three race challenge for Open Men and Open Women National Teams as well as the New Zealand and Australian Development Men and Women's crews. New Zealand and Australia compete each year, with each country hosting bi-annually.

New Zealand Oar Blacks Male Crew:

Muriwai VLS - 'Muriwai Moonshine'

  • Jason Stroud
  • Rob McCaig
  • Kendall Dooley
  • Liam McMaster
  • Danny Tenheuvel (Sweep)

New Zealand Oar Blacks Female Crew:

Titahi Bay SLSC - 'Titahi Bay Wil's A Crew'

  • Moira MacDonald
  • Tracey Mills
  • Lisa McIvor
  • Sinead Clark
  • Wil McDowell (Sweep)

2020 Open Men and Women New Zealand Surf Boat Crews.

New Zealand U23 Male Development Crew:

Whangamata SLSC - 'Whangamata Motorboaters'

  • Zane Sweetman
  • Josh Nicholas
  • Taine Wilson
  • Sergio Schuler
  • Steve Pipe (Sweep)

New Zealand U23 Female Development Crew:

Orewa SLSC - 'Orewa Amazons'

  • Tyler McDowell
  • Meisha Knegt
  • Lucy Murden
  • Kendra Stinson
  • Ashleigh Paotama
  • Mark McCarthny (Sweep)

2020 New Zealand Surf Boat Team.