High Performance

“New Zealand has an amazing legacy of winning on the world stage. But exceeding expectations can never be taken for granted. We must never stand still and hope for one-off moments of brilliance.”



Preview of key features of the High Performance Strategy.


Athlete and coach development are a key focus of the HP strategy. With the impact of COVID-19 on international events, development and retention of athletes are necessary to focus on now, for the future.

A sustainable HP system will develop everyone involved (athletes, coaches, managers etc), and ensure the environment is flexible to the nature of the people, their capabilities and capacity.  In particular, connecting and developing a pool of experienced and capable coaches will enable flexibility to support athletes in their regions on their pathway to performance, as well as ensure the pipeline and growth of future HP coaches.

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The HP System and programmes are operating on the principle that wellbeing is an enabler for sustainable success in high performance, and that HP sport should be a positive experience. 

Ensuring athlete mental, physical and emotional wellbeing come first, can be challenging when performance expectations are high. Equally, the experience for those supporting athletes, such as coaches and managers, can be challenging on top of full time jobs and family commitments.

SLSNZ athletes and support people are passionate and committed to what they do, and for the greater purpose that lifesaving sport plays in the lifesaving movement.

Wellbeing is influenced by culture, values, athlete engagement, processes and policies, accountability, communication, and providing an environment that is flexible to cater for whatever the future of international sport will be. Each of these aspects will be addressed specifically in relation to potential impact on wellbeing.


A campaign strategy identifies how high performance athletes and NZ teams will prepare to perform at their best at pinnacle events. Preparation for performance begins in the daily training environment and requires an understanding of what successful performance ultimately looks like at pinnacle events.


Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders is essential for the future of the HP programmes.  Ensuring we are transparent and working together is a way to strengthen the programmes moving forward.

Our stakeholders include SLSNZ Sport and the wider SLSNZ movement and membership, High Performance Sport New Zealand, International Life Saving, National Sporting Organisations such as Swimming NZ, Canoe Racing NZ and Athletics NZ, and Sport New Zealand.

The HP Programmes are keen to work with partners and/or sponsors that share our vision and mission, with a view to growing with us. If you are interested, please contact us tanya.hamilton@surflifesaving.org.nz 

Thanks to the ongoing support from High Performance Sport New Zealand for their investment into SLSNZ High Performance. 

New Zealand Teams & Competition History

New Zealand Teams compete in a range of International Competitions around the World and prove ourselves as leaders in sport.  Below are five key events Surf Life Saving regularly compete at, from our Surf Boat "Oar Blacks" to our inspiring "Junior Black Fins" to the mighty ''Black Fins'' and Black Props.  Click on the links below to view the history of New Zealand Teams for our different international competitions and New Zealand Squads.

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The Ocean, Beach and pool rescue programme have a High Performance squad from which New Zealand representative teams are usually selected for international events.

Selection into the High Performance Squad is based on performance and potential in one or more disciplines, indicated by the icon/s next to the athlete name.

Click here to view Athlete Selection & Information
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We have awesome High Performance Support Personal that are leading and operating the High Performance programmes, working together toward a common mission, vision and strategy.

The High Performance system provides a way to work collaboratively across the high performance programmes, to support athletes, and collectively help grow and strengthen the programmes for ongoing future success.

In support of our programme we have fantastic Funding Partners and Supporters of our High Performance programme.  Click here to view our Partners

Check out our HP Support Personal here...
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“The SLSNZ Sport Hall of Fame is to acknowledge outstanding competitive performances by members of our organisation so that their achievements in surf sport are not forgotten and can inspire future generations”

Sport Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was established in 1990 with fifteen people inducted.  Second and third inductions were completed in 1995 and 2007 respectively.  While there are many variables associated with looking to compare competitive performance between athletes and in different disciplines the role of the Hall of Fame Committee is to apply best endeavors to develop consistency and relativity to ensure credibility from one induction to the next.

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