What is happening?

In partnership with Simple Software, SLSNZ has developed and built an entirely new Event Management System and software. The new system combines the three previous functions of Enternow (entries), WAVES (on beach management) & Live Results (results) all into one place with additionally functions and ease of use. 

The new system will replace the existing enternow system from 1 July 2022.

What are the benefits of the new system?

Club benefits:

  • Club Administrators will now be able to manage their club users within the system. They will be able to assign roles to Coaches, Managers, who can manage club entries.
  • We have created better views to check entries and view teams as you enter competitions.
  • Search functions on entries allows you to view exactly what you need.
  • Entering your athletes into individual events or team events is quicker than before.
  • Club caps added to Waves and results.
  • Direct invoicing link to Xero and invoice reports for clubs.
  • We have more features coming so watch this space…

Official’s benefits:

  • All of the features of Waves.
  • Progress rounds points through to publishing on live results.
  • Reverse results for beach flags events.
  • Addition of club caps to Waves for assistance in identification.
  • Addition to apply DQ, DNS, DNF codes and automated notes at results.

SLSNZ benefits:

  • Greater scope and ability to develop the platform at all leaves.
  • Greater reporting and stats on our membership interactions in Lifesaving Sport.
  • Faster competition development for Sport Managers.


Club User Manual

Club Tutorial Videos