NZ Surf Boat Series

Competition Purpose:

The New Zealand Surf Boat Series is an action packed series of events held at key competitions throughout the season and is designed to celebrate the comradery and competition of Surf Boats while finding the most committed and consistent crews.

Surf Boat Series Flyer - to download click here

Entry Information:

Crews must enter each event that they intend to compete in via the SLSNZ Online Entry System. Clubs have access to this system and will process your entries.  Crews are automatically included in the Surf Boat Series by entering any two of the respective events that make up the series.  There are no additional fees for the Surf Boat Series beyond what is charged to enter each of the respective events.


The five competition dates below make up the New Zealand Surf Boat Series (NZSBS) while running in conjunction with those competitions 

  1. Capital Coast Classic, November 18, Lyall Bay
  2. Whangamata Classic, December 9, Whangamata
  3. Central Region Senior Championships, January 13 & 14, Fitzroy Beach
  4. Eastern Region Senior Championships, January 27 & 28, Mt Maunganui
  5. North Island Surf Boat Championships, February 3 & 4, Waihi Beach

NZSBS Results:


  1. Capital Coast Classic
  2. Whangamata Classic
  3. Central Region Senior Championships.
  4. Eastern Region Senior Championships.
  5. North Island Surf Boat Championship

Rules & Regulations:

Each event will be conducted under the rules & regulations contained in the documents listed below, however, given that each event will be run in different conditions and under the guidance of different Event Management Committees, there may be variations to programming and application of those stated rules & regulations.

SLSNZ Competition Manual, including any additional amendments as detailed on the website and any additional requirements as communicated by the Event Management Committee. 

Additionally members entering events are bound by the following rules, which can be found on the SLSNZ website:

Age Groups:

The following age groups will be racing for series points (Age groups are determined by the competitor’s age at midnight on 30th September 2023):

  • Masters Men & Women
  • Open Men & Women
  • U23 Men & Women
  • U19 Men & Women

Series Points:

Points will be determined based on the results from each of the individual events that make up the series.  Crews must attend minimum of two events to be eligible to accrue points towards the series.  The highest number of points accrued from up to any three events will be used to determine overall rankings.

Points will be allocated as follows:

  • Finals = 1st = 20, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 16, 4th = 14, 5th = 12, 6th = 10
  • Semi Finals (if 6 in each semi) = 4th in either semi = 9, 5th = 8, 6th = 7
  • Placings after rounds = 13th = 6 all the way down to 18th getting 1 point

In the case of a tie at the end of the series, final places will be determined by/in order of:

  1. Placing count back from each event (most first places = higher placing)
  2. Placing count back from each round (worst result = lower placing)
  3. The crew that has the best result at the North Island Surf Boats round of the series will be declared the higher placing.