Developing Surf Coach

Course Overview

The Developing Surf Coach course is designed to help coaches develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to plan and deliver an effective coaching session.

The target audience for this course are coaches of developing athletes of all ages and abilities that are starting to develop fundamental surf lifesaving skills. This course is a prerequisite for the Competitive Surf Coach Course.

Course Information 

 Pre requistes

Current member of a SLS club  | 16 years of age

Course Duration

Two days

Course Facilitators

Delivered by 2 trained and approved SLSNZ facilitators

Who should attend

Any Surf Life Saving Club members interested in gaining basic knowledge and skills in surf coaching including new surf coaches, or existing coaches with no formal training.

Participant requirements

To successfully complete the Developing Surf Coach course candidates need to attend the full two days of the course, participate in its activities and successfully complete  the practical course assessment during day 2 of the course.

Topics covered

1. Athlete centred approach to coaching

2. Communication

3. Risk management

4. Knowing your athletes motivation

5. Rules of surf sports

6. Nutrition

7. Introduction to sports science

8. Skill analysis and skill acquistion

9. Planning


At the completion of this course coaches will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the roles of a Surf Coach
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of effective communication
  3. Select and apply appropriate questioning techniques
  4. Identify and apply athlete motivations to sports participation
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the rules of surf life saving sports
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety issues relevant to Surf Lifesaving members
  7. Identify and explain the relevance of nutrition principles to physical activity
  8. Plan a coaching session for Surf Life Saving
  9. Teach to develop a fundamental Skill in Surf Life Saving
  10. Describe the structure and function of the major physiological systems important in physical activity
  11. Conduct and review a coaching session in Surf Life Saving

For course bookings and further information please contact your SLSNZ Club Development Officer or SLSNZ Regional Programmes and Services Manager.