Tolaga Bay SLSC

Tolaga Bay SLSC - Cap

Club Details

Kelly Blackman
021 713011



Furneaux Street
Tolaga Bay


PO Box 85
Tolaga Bay 4046

Club Overview

Our Club - Tolaga Bay Surf Life Saving Club is also known as Uawa Tiaki Tai which in a broad sense means that we are the guardians of the waterways that surround Tolaga Bay. Tolaga Bay Surf LIfe Saving Club - Uawa Tiaki Tai has been experiencing steady growth over the past 5 years and continues to do so. Dedicated members of the Uawa-Tolaga Bay Community are working voluntarily to maintain and grow the club into an environmentally conscious hub of watersports and other positive activities within the Uawa – Tolaga Bay Community. Tolaga Bay Surf Life Saving Club - Uawa Tiaki Tai is working alongside local schools, health organisations and other community groups to achieve better health and social outcomes for our babies, school aged children and families.
2014 & 2017Gisborne Awards of Excellence - Patrol Club of the Year
2014 Gisborne Awards of Excellence - Club of the Year
2016 SLSNZ Awards of Excellence - London Trophy (highest number of surf lifeguard awards gained as a ratio of membership)

Patrol Hours

The volunteer patrol service at this beach will commence in the summer season. More information about the 2018/2019 season (including start/end dates and times) will be available here once they are confirmed.