Board Report: October 2016

Hi Everyone,

As Geoff Hamilton advised in his last update, while remaining on the Board, he is taking a break from the special demands of being the Chairman.  As the Deputy Chair for the last few years, I have accepted the challenge of taking on the Chairmanship and will endeavour to keep up the momentum of the organisation.  At this stage there won't be a replacement Deputy Chair selected - all the Board members will assist if required to cover any extra workload.

So, I have now inherited the job of doing these reports!!!  Here goes my first one……………

In addition to the decisions above, the Board meeting was very productive and covered a number of key topics, including:

  • Developing  closer working relationship with the 21 Club.  Having become an Associate Member of SLSNZ in recent years, 21 Club Secretary Sheryl McLay updated the Board on the future direction the 21 Club sees itself taking and the areas where it can be of assistance to SLSNZ, such as in recording and protecting the history of surf life saving, promoting participation in surf sport and surf lifesaving and special projects in such areas as member recognition.
  • Re-establishing a Board to Board subgroup with the SLS Northern Region Board to have a regular forum to discuss topics of common interest and alignment.  The first meeting for this is aimed at the end of November.
  • Noting good progress with the SLSNZ Foundation, including the preparation of promotional materials and the receipt of the first bequest.
  • Noting positive progress on replacing State Insurance as an SLSNZ sponsor, which is looking like bearing fruit in the near future.
  • Following up the discussions held last month on the management of sport with the Chair of the National Sport Committee, and the role the Board will play in the oversight of progress on the Sport Strategy and the annual Sport Plan.
  • Approving the draft minutes of the 2016 AGM which can now go to the next AGM for ratification.
  • Digesting the report that has gone to clubs on the outcomes of the Club Chairs Workshop held prior to the AGM.  The Board thanks all the Club Chairs and delegates who attended, and in particular for their input on the priorities the clubs saw that SLSNZ should take into its 2017/18 planning process.
  • Confirmation of the dates for that planning process, which will see the Board sign off the 2017/18 budget and Strategic Plan in February next year.
  • Discussion on the need to investigate how as a movement we can get more females putting themselves forward for regional and national committees.
  • Health and Safety - looking at the first report for the season on serious incidents involving members.  These were heavily weighted towards IRB incidents at training weekends, which is something that needs a look at to ensure there are fewer next year.

And as always there was a review of the SLSNZ financial position.  Attached are the regular SLSNZ Financial Reports for the first three months of 2016/17.  These show a Net Operating Surplus of $0.414 million, which is $147,000 behind budget.  This variance is all due to timing variations, an explanation of these is in the attached Financial Summary Dashboard.  More relevant is the latest forecast the full year Net Operating Surplus which is still running at budgeted levels at $351,000. 

The next Board meeting will be held in Wellington on Friday 16th December.  If anyone has any questions on this please contact me or our CEO Paul Dalton.

Yours in surf,

Brent Warner
Surf Life Saving New Zealand