Board Report: October 2014

Hi Everyone,

 On behalf of the newly appointed SLSNZ Board, I am pleased to be able to provide this update.  Firstly we have an update from the Annual General Meeting in September:

  • We ended up with just 28 clubs present in person on the day, with one there by proxy and six that voted electronically.  My thanks to all the clubs who did attend as this was only just enough clubs present to exceed the minimum required for the quorum (25 clubs) which is something we will need to improve on next year.  While there were a number of factors creating this situation (the General Election and lots of people in France supporting the Black Fins) only having 35 clubs participate in the process does mean there the majority of clubs (39 clubs or 53%) did not and we should be able to do better than this. 
  • In terms of Board election results, Colin Weatherall was re-elected and Todd Cations-Velvin was elected as a 'newbie'.  Welcome back Colin and congratulations to Todd.
  • The meeting approved the Annual Report and the 2013/14 Financial Statements.
  • The meeting also approved the proposed Honoraria for the Board for the coming year.
  • There were no changes to the Constitution or other agenda items, so the whole meeting was over in 27 minutes - something of a record our President who chaired the meeting can be proud of!
  • The full Board is now myself (Geoff Hamilton), Brent Warner, Colin Weatherall, Joe Pope, Trevor Taylor, Graham Crombie, Todd Cations-Velvin and as previously announced Rick Stolwerk (Waipu Cove SLSC) as our new Appointed Board Member.  Our first meeting was held in October an update of which is below.
  • Our Annual Report is available online on the SLSNZ website for those that want to read it. 
  • On the morning of the AGM, a strategy workshop for club Chairs was held.  This was a very worthwhile event and discussed some key topics including Health & Safety, a Strategic Plan for the surf life saving movement and the priorities for SLSNZ in 2015/16.  The outputs from this are also attached.
  • The Awards of Excellence dinner held at the Amora Hotel in Wellington was again a great night.  Hosted by Sky TV presenter Stephen McIvor, we were very fortunate to have our Patron, Lt. General The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae and Lady Janine with us for the evening, despite the General Election being on at the same time.  I'm sure it's not every day the Governor General gets commended by his former lifeguard instructor (in this case Denis Cooksley) for 'turning out alright' in the end!!  It was great to see so many people honoured for their years of commitment.  A full list of award winners has already been announced but I do want to mention the main recipients here:
  • Gudsell Trophy - Mairangi Bay SLSC
  • London Trophy - Raglan SLSC
  • NZLGB Lifeguard of the Year - Nick Mulcahy, Titahi Bay SLSC
  • DHL Volunteer of the Year - Stephen Johnston, Waimairi SLSC
  • BP Surf Rescue of the Year - Whakatane SLSC
  • DHL Surf Official of the Year - Ross Merrett, Papamoa SLSC
  • DHL International Sports Performance of the Year - Samantha Less, Lyall Bay SLSC
  • DHL Coach of the Year - Kurt Wilson, Papamoa SLSC
  • Instructor of the Year - Fiona Climo, East End SLSC
  • Innovation of the Year - Bethells Beach SLSC
  • SLSNZ new Life Members - Ron Valentine (Paekakariki SLSC) and John 'Spindles' Bryant (Mt Maunganui Lifeguard Service)
  • 50 Year Badges - Malcolm Beattie (Sunset Beach LS), Warren Clow (Fitzroy SLSC), Barry Coleman (Waimarama SLSC), Denis Cooksley (Mairangi Bay SLSC), Warwick 'Wok' Donnelly (Mairangi Bay SLSC), Lynette McFedries (Otaki SLSC), Napier McFedries (Otaki SLSC), David Lean (NPOB SLSC), Terry Dell (Mt Maunganui LS), Marie Flavell (Mangawhai Heads VLS), Ian MacLaine (Waipu Cove), Arthur Tong (Whakatane SLSC) and Warwick Jones (Pacific SLSC).

    Congratulations to everyone.

The October Board meeting was held in Wellington on Sunday 19th October in Wellington. This was the first meeting of the new Board.

From a financial perspective the results for the 3 months to 30th September were a Net Operating Surplus of $1.16 million against a budget of $0.95 million, a positive difference of $210,000.  This is all due to timing differences and the underlying result for the period is really at budgeted levels.  The Year-end Forecast for the Net Operating Surplus had slipped a bit this month, to being $115,000 behind budget, but action has now been taken to fix this for next month.  See the attached normal monthly report for details.

At the first meeting after each AGM the Board goes through the process of appointing the Chair and Deputy Chair for the coming year and sets up a number of committees.

This year the Board re-appointed myself (Geoff Hamilton) as Chairman and Brent Warner as the Deputy Chairman for the next 12 months.  The following Board subcommittees were also appointed:

  • Audit & Risk:                 Chair - Graham Crombie with Todd Cations - Velvin.
  • Water Safety NZ            Chair - Brent Warner.
  • Governance :                Chair Geoff Hamilton with Colin Weatherall and Trevor Taylor.
  • Foundation:                  Chair - Geoff Hamilton with Joe Pope, Rick Stolwerk and Trevor Taylor.

In addition the following Board members were confirmed as ex-officio liaison members of the NLC and NSC:

  • National Lifesaving Committee - Rick Stolwerk.
  • National Sport Committee - Colin Weatherall.

After discussion on the topic of co-opting an additional Board member to cover any skill gaps, it was decided that there were no obvious gaps that needed to be filled at this time.  While there was a noted lack of gender diversity in the makeup of the current Board this alone was not a strong enough reason to co-opt an additional member, and it was felt it should be left for the Board Appointments Panel to manage in the next round of appointments in 2015.

In terms of other outcomes from the meeting:

  • The Board endorsed the recommendations of the selection panel to appoint Joel Davies and Brad O'Leary as SLSNZ appointed members of the National Sport Committee for an 18month term starting on 1 October 2014.  Congratulations to Joel and Brad and thanks for your ongoing contributions.
  • Also in terms of Surf Sport, it was noted that the Blue Sky Review report was now finalised and ready to come to the Board in November.
  • The Board discussed the upcoming Sport NZ review of governance in 26 sector organisations including SLSNZ in a follow-up to a similar study in 2003.
  • Discussion also took place on the latest draft of the Water Safety NZ Sector Plan that has been circulated on 17th October.  This was to be presented to the wider WSNZ membership at the WSNZ AGM later in October.
  • The notes from the Club Chairs Workshop at the AGM were discussed by the Board, along with the actions arising.  As mentioned earlier, this was a good session with some concrete outcomes to follow through on.
  • The Board noted Clubs progress in aligning their Constitutions with that of SLSNZ, the deadline for which had been set as 30th September.  The focus is now to assist the last five clubs currently having challenges to get this work completed.
  • Looking ahead, the Board discussed the exposure that SLSNZ has to income via grants from Gaming Trusts, currently at about $600,000 per annum.  Discussion took place on the plan to reduce this reliance in the event this income source continues to decline and also the need to also identify the exposure of Clubs to gaming grants.
  • The Board also discussed the full year Serious Injury Summary for the 2013/14 Season (previously discussed in April with interim results) along with some proposed targets for 2014/15.  The area the Board wanted to see the most improvement in was in IRB-related injuries.
  • On the wider subject of Member Protection it was noted as part of the Club Chairs Workshop that Clubs were looking for more templates in this area as soon as possible.  Management has taken this message on Board to fast-track as many templates as possible in the next couple of months.

So that's it from me - it has been a busy few months!   The next Board meeting will be held in Wellington on Sunday 16th November.  So until my next update……

Yours in surf,

Geoff Hamilton


Surf Life Saving New Zealand