Board Report: November 2014

Hi Everyone,

The November Board meeting was held in Wellington on Sunday 16th November in Wellington.

From a financial perspective the results for the four months to 31st October were a Net Operating Surplus of $2.015 million against a budget of $1.3 million, a positive difference of $707,449.  This is all due to timing differences and the underlying result for the period remains at budgeted levels.  The Year-end Forecast for the Net Operating Surplus is now back in line with the budget of $743,000 after a number updates last month.  See the attached normal monthly report for details.

In terms of other outcomes from the meeting:

·          The Board discussed the new External Financial Reporting standards that will come into effect from next year.  There is a (small) risk that under these rules that SLSNZ will need to consolidate the annual accounts of all the Clubs into the financial reports for SLSNZ.  If this was to happen it would be a major inconvenience for SLSNZ and Clubs and would mean all parties would have to re-align their balance dates and audit their accounts.  This risk will be closely monitored over the coming months, and all efforts made to ensure the consolidation is not required.  However, it is important that Clubs are aware of this risk, and not get  too carried away (yet) with planning for the potentially less stringent reporting requirements that come into play for smaller entities under the new standards.  We are conscious that there are a number of organisations putting on education seminars on the new reporting regime and Clubs may be looking at going along to those.  That in itself is fine, but everyone just needs to be aware that if the accounting powers decide that the surf life saving movement is one combined entity for financial reporting purposes that it will change things.

·          Munro Benge were re-appointed as SLSNZ auditors for the 2014/15 year.

·          The Surf Sport Blue Sky review findings were endorsed - including the 2015-20 Sport Strategy and the 32 individual recommendations.  The Board has now set up a sub-committee to look at the implementation aspects of the Review, in order to give guidance to Management on the priority areas.

·          The Foundation sub-committee decided they needed some extra dedicated time to push this project along.  They will meet again in early December.

·          Efforts going into the Water Safety Sector Plan were noted and encouraged.  SLSNZ will be part of a new Cross Sector Reference Group that is being set up in December to take the draft Sector Plan closer towards completion.

·          The Team Managers report from the NZ Open team from Rescue 2014 was reviewed by the Board, who again congratulated all the members of the team for their outstanding results.  There were a number of recommendations made that will be taken forward into the Rescue 2016 planning.  The funding application for this has now gone to High Performance Sport NZ and the outcome will be know just before the end of December.

·          In the area of Health & Safety the Board reviewed the 2014/15 SLSNZ Health & Safety Plan, and the actions required to implement that.  While there is a considerable amount to do, the foundations of safety are in place across the movement so it should be possible to get fully up to speed in a relatively short time frame.  Of course the key to success is not the number of policy documents but the underlying culture around risk that we have in the movement.

·          The Board also discussed the YTD Serious Injury Summary for the 2014/15 Season - to date there have been two in injuries to members where medical care has been required, both involving IRB's.  This is disappointing given the area the Board wanted to see the most improvement in was in IRB-related injuries, so there is still work to do here - and more investigations will take place.

So that's it from me - another busy month!   The next Board meeting will be a conference call meeting held on Sunday 14th December.  Until my  next update……

Yours in surf,

Geoff Hamilton


Surf Life Saving New Zealand