Board Report: May 2018

Hi Everyone,

The May Board meeting was held in Wellington on Monday 7th May.  

In terms of the SLSNZ financial position attached are the regular SLSNZ Financial Reports for the first nine months of 2017/18.  These show a Net Operating Surplus of $1.66 million, which is $648,000 ahead of budget.  This variance is largely due to timing issues.  A full explanation of the variances is in the attached Financial Summary Dashboard. 

As a result of these timing issues, the YTD profit is not indicative or the year end result.  More relevant is the latest forecast which has the full year Net Operating Surplus running above budgeted levels at $287,000 (budget is $120,000).  This is due to some of the extra funding received from NZLGB and BP.

As well as the financials, the Board meeting covered a number of key topics, which I will summarise below:


The Board noted that the 2018/19 Strategic Plan had been sent to clubs and released on the SLSNZ website.  As always, any feedback from clubs and members is welcome.

Government Funding

The Board discussed the recent progress with Central Government funding.  A key supporting document under pinning our case for funding is the Water Sector Capability Review being completed by Water Safety New Zealand and once this has been reviewed by the appropriate officials and Ministers then the next steps in the discussions will be determined.

SLSNZ Foundation

A recent bequest for $79,000 has recently been received, which was a very generous contribution to the Foundations funds.  This came from the Canterbury area and ultimately has to be used to support SLSNZ activities in the same area.  As we progress Foundation activities the Board is keen to make sure the membership is aware of the Foundation and its purpose - and reinforce the Foundation is a good place for bequests to go, due to the long term nature of its focus, while having the ability to ring fence funding for specific purposes if that is the wishes of the donor.

2018 AGM

With the end of the 2017/18 financial year getting very close (30th June), plans are underway for the AGM.  A notice will be sent to clubs by the 24th May to advise them of the date and venue, and work is underway to appoint the Board Appointments Panel for this year.  We have two Board members up for rotation this year, and the Board discussed the approach to succession planning for this year and the following two years.  Applications will be called in June for those two roles.

IRB helmet project

A draft terms of reference for this project has been developed and is being tested with the group tasked with undertaking it.  It is aimed to get this all completed by the end of July at the latest.

New decision making/ consultation model

Work on this project is currently underway and with ideas to come out to clubs in the near future.  Ahead of the new consultation model being confirmed the Board noted that clubs had been advised which lifesaving operational policies were due to review this year.

Health & Safety.

The serious injury report for the 2017/18 season YTD to date was noted, which should be getting close to final.  Excluding national sports events and SLSNZ employees, there have been 73 reports of members needing first aid in the 2017/18 season recorded in the PAM database, which is slightly ahead of the same time last year.  Of those 73, 20 required treatment by a doctor and 10 needed a visit to hospital.  The visits to doctors and hospitals are slightly down year on year, but there may still be more injuries to be entered into the database.

In terms of sports events, of the seven major events monitored, there have been 191 injuries recorded, of which 22 had needed doctors treatment and 169 were treated on site.  This is an improvement on last year which had 228 injuries in total, or which 11 went to hospital, 12 referred to a doctor and 205 were treated on site.

While the trends against last year are positive, the Board has asked for work to be completed looking at the longer term data to provide a trend.

National Sports Event venues

The Board endorsed the National Sport Committee recommendations for the host venues for the major national events for the four years from the 2019/20 season to the 2022/23 season.  This excludes Oceans, which will be decided once the review of the Orewa experience has been completed, and the National Pool Champs after 2019/20 as there are potentially new venues which meet our hosting requirements coming on stream.

NZ Championship Trophies

The Board endorsed a proposal from the National Honours & Awards Committee (in conjunction with the 21 Club) that they review the stock of national trophies and identify if there are any gaps (such as historic gender inequality), and then take steps to fix those gaps.  And equally importantly will also look to take on the large task of keeping track of those trophies!

Summer Drownings

The Board noted a report on the drownings that occurred over the 2017/18 season and it was good to see a significant reduction in the number of beach drownings (down from 19 to 12). However, a few of those deaths occurred immediately after patrols ceased in areas where patrols had previously operated, so this does raise the question as to whether with climate change we have to look more closely at those season dates on a beach by beach basis and around movable holiday periods like Waitangi Day and Easter where people are extending long weekends into periods which are not patrolled.

World Championship format

The minutes of the recent ILS Sports Commission meeting were reviewed, noting that some significant changes are proposed for the maximum team sizes - jumping from 12 athletes (6 men/ 6 women) to 24 athletes (12 men/ 12 women) to allow more specialist athletes to be included in teams, rather than having teams made up largely of  'all rounders'.  This would apply from 2020 and have a major impact on NZ's ability to continue to dominate the teams event.  However there are good reasons why this idea is being proposed and we need to take a balanced view to provide feedback to ILS.

BP Leaders for Life Programme

A number of our Board members and the President attended the final day of the BP Leaders for Life programme held in Wellington, where the candidates got to present their project outcomes.  The Board was delighted to see the high calibre of the candidates, and we got a real sense that the future of the movement will be in good hands!  Congratulations and thanks to all those helped run the programme and good luck to all the applicants who have applied for the 2018/19 intake.

And that is enough for me for this month. The next Board meeting will be held in Wellington on 22nd June and I will have another update after that.

Yours in surf,

Brent Warner
Surf Life Saving New Zealand