Board Report: May 2015

Hi Everyone,

The May Board meeting a face to face meeting held in Wellington on the 24th May.

From a financial perspective the results for the 10 months to 30th April are a Net Operating Surplus of $1.14 million some $32,000 ahead of budget.  We now head in to the seasonal revenue 'dry period' which will eat into that surplus over the next two months. The Year-end Forecast for the 12 month Net Operating Surplus has only changed minimally from last month to sit at $583,000.  With only the two months results to go to the end of the financial year the Board are comfortable this is a solid result, backing up last year's initial surplus.  See the attached normal monthly report for details on the YTD results and variances.

In terms of other outcomes from the meeting:

  • Allan Mundy, SLSNZ Lifesaving Services and Education Manager joined the meeting for a good discussion on what is going on in the Lifesaving area, including topics such as the 400m swim time.  There are some significant projects in the court of the National Lifesaving Committee and it was very useful for the Board to identify the things it can do to assist and support.
  • The Board had deliberately taken a strategic focus for this meeting, so relatively little time was taken on management reports to instead spend more time talking about the following topics:
  • Where money could be invested in resources & programmes that will create additional revenue?  In the short term this was identified as in attracting more commercial revenue and direct mail fundraising.
  • What potential 'game changing' revenue ideas might be out there?  Very useful here was some work recently undertaken by the Institute for Strategic Leadership (ISL) which ran a leadership course which used Surf Life Saving as a case study.  Five different groups presented their ideas to myself, our CEO, Graham Crombie and Trevor Taylor.  There were some interesting concepts put forward, and these will get further debate from the full Board in the coming months.  We were very fortunate to be given the opportunity of being the case study for this prestigious leadership programme - it is unusual to be given the full focus of a lot of skilled and experienced leaders from around Australasia and further afield to put their minds to helping us with our challenges!
  • The SLSNZ Foundation.  Getting this off the ground remains a key personal target for me, and it was good to give this topic a good airing so there was real clarity on the path forward.  While having been on the agenda for a number of years this has been down a couple of 'dead-end' paths that have caused some frustrating delays.  Hopefully no longer!!
  • Water Safety NZ Sector Plan.  The latest draft of the drowning prevention 'Sector Plan' was reviewed and discussed by the Board.  Feedback was provided and further work will be done to finalise the document in the next few weeks.  The intention is for WSNZ to release this to its key stakeholders by the end of June.
  • Strategic Plan for the Surf Life Saving Movement.  An update on progress on this was noted.  With input from the members of the 2014 BP Leaders for Life group and ideas from the ISL Case Study mentioned above this should be released for club comment in June, allowing time for feedback and consolidation ahead of the Club Chairs Workshop at the 2015 AGM.  There have been some good ideas coming through and it is good to see this project heading towards completion.
  • Looking ahead to the AGM the Board also made a number of decisions - firstly that Trevor Taylor would be the Board representative and Convenor of the Board Appointments Panel (BAP) as I will be up for re-election and ineligible for the BAP, and secondly to propose a number of amendments to the Constitution for Clubs to vote on at the AGM.  The intent of those amendments will be:
  • To extend the term of Board members to 3 years (from 2 years) to ensure better continuity.
  • To allow proxy votes to count towards the quorum at the AGM to reduce the pressure to get 'live bodies' in the room.
  • To look to extend the role of the Board Appointments Panel beyond the current few weeks in order to have more of an ongoing role in the succession planning for the Board.

    More details on those amendments will come out with the information for the AGM.  There is nothing Clubs need to do now.
  • The Board also discussed the NZ Youth Team, which is an athlete funded programme. There was strong feedback from their Rescue 2014 campaign that some SLSNZ support towards the costs of the four team management positions would really help reduce the financial burden on the athletes and their families.  For Rescue 2014 programme the costs of the four roles (Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager and Physio) were spread over the 12 athletes.  It is estimated over the whole Rescue 2016 campaign this would add up to some $65,000.  In principle the Board is supportive, and committed additional resources to assist the Youth Team with Fundraising.  The income target for the High Performance area overall will be increased to include this $65,000.  Sponsorship and to a lesser degree grants will be targeted to fill this gap.  Once obtained, the extra income will be used to reduce athlete contributions.
  • The Board was updated on the proposal from the Honours & Awards Committee to breathe some life into the Hall of Fame.  Further feedback is being sought from a variety of interested parties.
  • And as usual the Board discussed Health & Safety, including a review of the YTD Serious Injury Summary for the 2014/15 Season - there have now been 21 injuries to members where a hospital visit was required and 48 others needing a visit to the doctor which is slightly above last year.   However, the overall number of member injuries has fallen 479 to 392 (18%) which is a good sign.  Sport remains the biggest single cause of those incidents, but there are still plenty of other areas contributing to the outcomes. 

So that's it from me until my next update in a few weeks time.  Our next Board meeting in June is a teleconference so my report will be quite a bit shorter!

Yours in surf,

Geoff Hamilton


Surf Life Saving New Zealand