Board Report: December 2017

Hi Everyone,

The December Board meeting was held in Wellington on Friday 15th December.  

In terms of the SLSNZ financial position attached are the regular SLSNZ Financial Reports for the first five months of 2017/18.  These show a Net Operating Surplus of $3.391 million, which is $851,000 ahead of budget.  This variance is largely due to the additional funding received from NZLGB which hasn't been spent yet.  A full explanation of the variances is in the attached Financial Summary Dashboard. 

As always, the profit at this time of year is not indicative or the year end result as we have yet to enter our big spending summer months.  More relevant is the latest forecast which has the full year Net Operating Surplus running slightly below budgeted levels at $111,000 (budget is $120,000).  This means we still have to keep very focussed on achieving all our income and expenditure targets for the second half of the year as there is little fat in this bottom line.

As well as the financials, the Board meeting covered a number of key topics, which I will summarise below:


The Board discussed options for the theme and structure of the annual Board Planning Workshop scheduled for 16/17 February.  This is always an interesting session for the Board with the opportunity to really take a long term and high level view of the organisation and the needs of the surf life saving movement.  Preparation work will start now in order to maximise the value of those two days with a view to looking forward to how the organisation may look in five years.

Organisational Capacity to Deliver Revenue Growth

The Board continues to work closely with the CEO on how best to resource the organisation for achieving more revenue growth.  While the financial position of the organisation has been much improved in recent years it is still vulnerable to income shocks, and the recent exercises undertaken with the Board and Club Chairs at the AGM have highlighted there are no obvious things to stop doing to increase the reserves up to a more comfortable level.  Indeed there is only a list of new activities which will require more funding!

SLSNZ Foundation

Work continues on the ongoing task of identifying and profiling potential donors.  In the meantime the Trustees are working on setting the high level goals for the next 12/ 24/ 36 months - and from that develop a workplan for the upcoming 18/19 year.

Council Strategy Project

The Board is taking a keen interest in the submissions being made by Management to the Long Term Plans for Councils around the country.  Improving relationships with (and ultimately financial support from) Councils remains a priority for the Board.

New decision making/ consultation model

Work on this project is currently being planned and will get underway early in the new year.   This will be a significant piece of work for the management team

IRB helmet project

The CEO is working to identify suitable member contributors and formalising terms of reference with work on this project to ramp up early in the new year.

DHL International Surf Rescue Challenge

The Board discussed the success of the recent ISRC event hosted in Mt Maunganui.  Thanks were expressed to all those involved in organising the event which was a great showcase for NZ.  The Junior Black Fins in particular impressed with their historic test win on Day 2, and it was good to see the Black Fins competing on home sand, with a very close competition being a good build up to next years World Champs.

Health & Safety

The serious injury report for the 2017/18 season YTD to date was noted.  Excluding national sports events and SLSNZ employees, there have been 15 reports of members needing first aid in the 2017/18 season recorded in the PAM database, which is slightly ahead of the same time last year.  Of those 15, six of which have required treatment by a doctor and one needing a visit to hospital.  At this early stage it's a bit too early to pick any trends, but it is interesting to note that two (33%) of the injuries requiring treatment by a doctor were members who had pre-existing injuries that they re-injured.  A useful reminder that if you are injured the surf is not the place to be!

National Honours & Awards Committee Appointments

The Board endorsed the re-appointment of Sheryl McLay (Eastern Region) for two year term starting 1 January 2018 and noted that the Northern Region is yet to confirm who their recommended nominee will be.

Lifeguard Capability Review

The Board noted a report from the Lifesaving Services & Education Manager on the outcomes of the 2016/17 Lifeguard Capability Review. It was good to see the report did not highlight any major concerns and that many of the minor improvements identified for various qualifications were being implemented.

Delegated Authorities

The Board endorsed an update to the Delegated Authorities matrix, which has been in place for a few years with a 12 month review timeline.

Officials Appointment Process

The Board discussed and noted its disappointment in the delays with appointing officials for the main national and regional sporting events and the need to stick much more closely to the documented timeframes for the appointment of those officials.  Given the importance of early appointment, management have now been instructed to intervene and make the appointments directly if delays continue to occur beyond the stated timeframes.

As noted above, the next Board meeting is our two day Planning Workshop which will be held in Wellington on 16/17 February. 

And that is enough for me for this month.  Have a great festive break - until my next update please stay safe and enjoy this great summer weather!

Yours in surf,

Brent Warner
Surf Life Saving New Zealand