Board Report: December 2016

Hi Everyone,

The December Board meeting was held in Wellington on Friday 16th December.  

From a financial perspective the results for the five months to 30th November are a Net Operating Surplus of $3.55 million, which is $406,254 ahead of budget.  This positive variance is due to timing variations and is not indicative of the full year situation.  The full explanation of the variances is in the Dashboard report. 

In the latest forecast, the full year Net Operating Surplus is $439k, slightly ahead of the $364k budget, but still vulnerable as we still have quite a bit of budgeted grant income to secure and the main period of expenditure before us, where and variations (positive or negative) can have a material impact.

In terms of other items of note from the meeting:

  • High Performance Programme.  The Board received and discussed in depth the Black Fins Team Management Report from the Rescue 2016 campaign and an independent report from Peter Fitzsimmons looking into the best structures/ support that can be put in place for Rescue 2018 based on the learnings from the 2016 campaign.  The Board re-iterated it's support for the HP programme as part of the overall Sport Strategy and agreed to work with the incoming HP Team Management group to ensure expectations are aligned to available resources and the required and appropriate support is available.  The 25% increase in High Performance Sport NZ funding for the Black Fins (from $360,000 to $450,000) for Rescue 2018 was noted and was seen as a clear vote of confidence from HPSNZ in the achievements of the Black Fins athletes and Team Management.

    The Board also congratulated the Black Fins team, Coach Jason Pocock and athletes Max Beattie and Laura Quilter for their respective nominations for the 2016 Hallberg Awards.
  • Top 5 Strategic Priorities.  We discussed the 2016/17 Strategic Plan and noted the breadth of activity being undertaken.  This led to a quite challenging discussion on what the Top 5 priority activities are - no easy task when there are so many important and inter-linked things going on.  This will require a bit more thinking but was a very useful exercise and one that will be expanded in our 2017/18 Planning Workshop.
  • Northern Region Board to Board discussions.  The Board noted the very positive outcomes from the first Board to Board sub-group meeting in November.  The next meeting will take place at the end of January and already has a full agenda.
  • Board Succession Planning.  As part of the normal cycle ahead of the AGM, the Board began discussions on the rotation plan for Board appointments at the 2017 AGM.  Current Board members up for rotation in 2017 will be looking to make their personal decisions on whether they will see re-election or re-appointment by February, so that scale of the succession planning task can be identified as early as possible.  Our President Neale Ames indicated he would not be looking for a further term as President so this is one key role that we already know needs to be filled.
  • Surf Life Saving Culture.  This is a topic the Board feel is worthy of regular discussion, and it was raised at this meeting to give it some initial exposure.  The culture within the surf life saving movement has some huge strengths, which need to be carefully fostered, however there are also a number of areas which provide opportunity for improvement.   This will be a topic of discussion for the February Board planning workshop.
  • 2016/17 Audit.  The Board was given feedback on the meeting held with the SLSNZ auditors (Moore Stephens) to plan for the 2016/17 audit.  As part of this work will be undertaken early to ensure there is no repeat of the 'no opinion' comment on the Financial Statements through removing any doubt that SLSNZ may need to consolidate financial reporting with that of clubs.
  • Honours and Awards Committee.  The Board was delighted to endorse the regional recommendations to re-appoint Neale Ames (Central Region) and Murray Wilson (Southern Region) to the National Honours & Awards committee for further two year terms starting on 1 January 2017.  A big thanks goes to them and the rest of the committee for all the work they do. 
  • SLSNZ Foundation.  Now the Foundation has been fully registered as an Incorporated Society and a Charity, the decision was made to add Joe Pope as a Board member Trustee and Mr Peter Fitzsimmons as an independent Trustee to bring the total number of Trustees up to four.  Board member Trevor Taylor, one of the initial Trustees continues on as a Trustee, and Brent Warner takes over as Trustee from Geoff Hamilton due to taking over the role of SLSNZ Chairman.
  • Health & Safety.  The Board reviewed the latest report on member injuries and discussed Management feedback on actions that will look to reduce the number of injuries at IRB training camps.  There had been very little change in the number of overall member injuries since October, which was good to see.
  • 2016/17 Sport Plan.  The Board noted the first iteration of this new document, which is a good step forward in getting all the actions going on in the sport area into a single document.  There is a lot going on, which only serves to highlight the importance of the document, and we look forward to regular updates on progress.

As mentioned above, the next Board meeting will be held in Wellington on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February, which is our annual Planning Workshop, with the focus on signing off on the 2017/18 Strategic Plan and budget. 

So that's it from me - it continues to be a very busy time!  Best wishes to everyone out on patrol (and those behind the scenes) over remainder of the holiday season - I hope you have had some time to relax with your families over this hectic time. 

So until my next update……

Yours in surf,

Brent Warner
Surf Life Saving New Zealand