Board Report: December 2014

Hi Everyone,

The December Board meeting was held via Conference call on Sunday 14th December.

From a financial perspective the results for the five months to 30th November were a Net Operating Surplus of $2.2 million against a budget of $1.471 million, a positive difference of $729,000.  This is all due to timing differences and the underlying result for the period remains at budgeted levels.  The Year-end Forecast for the 12 month Net Operating Surplus has again come under pressure and has slipped back to $692,000, some $51,000 less than the budget of $743,000 due a number of factors.  More work will be done over the coming weeks to see what actions can be taken to regain this lost ground.  See the attached normal monthly report for details on the YTD results.

In terms of other outcomes from the meeting:

  • The Board was delighted at the HPSNZ decision to grant $360,000 over two years towards the Black Fins campaign to defend their world title at Rescue 2016 in the Netherlands.  This is a $30,000 increase on the campaign funding for Rescue 2014.  Now quite a bit of work has to go in to selecting the next set of Team Management and Coaches and communicating with athletes as to the plans and timings, along with finalising the campaign activities to align to the budget.
  • The timetable for the 2015 AGM was discussed and agreed.  As normal Clubs will be advised of this formally in May, but for those planning ahead you can circle Saturday 19th September in Wellington!
  • There was considerable discussion on the agenda for the annual Board Planning Workshop, taking place in Christchurch in February.  The topics will be wide ranging as we look ahead for the next three years.
  • As has been subsequently communicated, the Board endorsed the recommendations of the Central and Southern Club Chairs Committees to re-appoint Neale Ames and Murray Wilson respectively for a term of two years as regional delegates on the National Honours and Awards Committee effective from 1 January 2015.  This Committee does a lot of excellent work and the Board is very appreciative of their efforts.
  • There was a brief update on the outcomes of the Board Sub-Committee meeting held a few days earlier looking at re-establishing the SLSNZ Foundation.  Good progress was made in terms of ideas for getting clarity on the purpose and objectives of the Foundation, along with clarity on the level of flexibility required for donors.  There is still more work required in the coming months to continue the thinking and formalise the outcomes, but this was a positive start.
  • Positive progress was also noted with the Water Safety NZ Sector Plan - with a successful first meeting of the Cross Sector Reference Group in Auckland in early December.  A more clear timetable is now in place and the next workshop scheduled for February to continue the work.
  • Also discussed was the work done by the Board Sub-committee looking at prioritising the outcomes of the Surf Sport Blue Sky Review, in particular the 32 recommendations.  This work has largely been completed and there will be communications on this in the coming month and ongoing monitoring of progress at the Board level.
  • The Board looked at the results of the recent survey of Clubs reliance on Gaming Trust grants.  Of the 74 clubs, 25 clubs responded to the survey, with the following results:

o   Is it easier or harder to get funding from gaming trusts?










On balance most clubs are finding it harder to source gaming funds.

o   Did you receive more or less funding from gaming trusts in the last year?










This is quite mixed, with a relatively even balance of wins and losses.  Key factors are the relationship with the funders and the profile of surf life saving in the area.

o   How much funding does your club receive each year from gaming trusts?

Club funding ranged from $14,500 to $140,000.  The average across the 25 clubs was $45,000.  Very roughly this would equate to around half of a typical clubs income of $100,000 and would equate to $3.33 million if extrapolated across all 74 clubs.

Collectively this is quite a high level of exposure for the movement - and one worthy of further discussion.  It will be worth having as an agenda item at the next round of Regional Club Chairs Workshops.

  • The Board again discussed the YTD Serious Injury Summary for the 2014/15 Season - to date there have been three injuries to members where a hospital visit was required and four others needing a visit to the doctor.   Of the combined seven injuries, three involved IRB's and the other four were sport related.  While numbers are still very low to be identifying trends, it is interesting that two of the sport incidents involved patients recovering from previous head injuries so perhaps a warning not be rushing back into intensive activity too soon.

So that's it from me - as a busy 2014 drew to a close!   My thanks to my fellow Board members, the staff of SLSNZ and the wider membership for all their contributions over the last year and best wishes for the next!  As noted earlier, the next Board meeting will be the annual planning workshop being held on Saturday 21st February in Christchurch .  So until my next update……


Yours in surf,


Geoff Hamilton


Surf Life Saving New Zealand