Board Report: April 2017

Hi Everyone,

The April Board meeting was held in Wellington on Friday 21st April.  This was the first full Board meeting since December last year, although the Board did hold its annual two day planning workshop in February.

From a financial perspective the results for the nine months to 31st March are a Net Operating Surplus of $1.148 million, which is $234,713 ahead of budget.  This positive variance is due to timing variations and is not indicative of the full year situation.  The full explanation of the variances is in the attached Dashboard report. 

In the latest forecast, the full year Net Operating Surplus is $100,000, some $264,000 below the $364,000 budget.  The gap has mainly come about as a result of grant income in the latter part of the year coming in significantly lower than budget.  The forecast of $100,000 is also still vulnerable as we still have quite a bit of budgeted grant income to secure.

In terms of other items of note from the meeting:

  • SLSNZ Strategic Plan.  The Board spend a lot of time discussing the outcomes of the February planning workshop.  While the results over the last few years have been very pleasing, the sentiment which came out of the workshop was that a lot is changing (and will continue to change) in the operating environment and over the coming six months it will be good to step back and recheck that the things that SLSNZ is doing are still the right things, and are being done in the most effective manner to be successful over the next five to ten years!  Out of this came a genuine appetite to look at a 'big picture' level at the future of the organisation and make sure it is fit for purpose.  The Board will start work on this over the coming months with the intention of having a discussion session on this at the Club Chairs Workshop at the AGM.

    In the meantime the 2017/18 Strategic Plan will be soon available on the SLSNZ website and circulated to clubs.  The budget for 2017/18 will be a tight one as no improvements are anticipated in the grant funding environment and contingency planning to cope with unexpected revenue shocks remains a high priority for Management.
  • Board Succession Planning.  With the 2017 AGM firmly on the radar, work is beginning on the processes of selecting Board Appointments Panel ('BAP') members and thinking about the skills sets needed for the Board in this round of appointments.  The Board had a good discussion on this topic and with the results of the annual 'Board Skills Matrix' will be able to provide some clear thoughts to the BAP for them to work with.  The BAP will be chaired by Colin Weatherall this year, as I will be standing for re-election so can't be considered for the BAP Chair's role.

    Before this, however the Board has had to look at how best to manage the vacancy left by the recent resignation of Geoff Hamilton, and in this regard has decided to co-opt Whangamata clubbie Kelvyn Eglinton for the five months through until the AGM.  Kelvyn brings a wealth of surf and business experience to the Board - a combination that Board felt was important to have replaced in Geoff's absence.

    And again I would like to publicly thank Geoff for his contribution to the movement over the last five years - he made a real difference at a difficult time and will be missed by his friends and colleagues on the Board.
  • Board to Board meetings - SLSNZ and SLSNR.  The most recent of these meetings happened on 26th April and they continue to be a very useful dialogue.  The next meeting is scheduled for late June.
  • SLSNZ Foundation.  The Board received an update from the Trustees meeting on 11th April.  The focus of the Foundation is now on the development of a prospective donor list and completing the marketing support material.  
  • 2016/17 Audit timetable.  The timetable for the annual audit has been agreed with Moore Stephens, the SLSNZ auditors.
  • Health & Safety.  The Board noted and discussed the latest report on member injuries for the season.  The main area of concern remains injuries occurring in IRB's and Management have been asked to document the actions being taken in this area.

The next Board meeting will be held in Wellington on Friday 23rd June.

So that's it from me - as I have mentioned in Member News, a big thanks to all the clubs & members for their patrolling over a long summer season, often in conditions less than summery.  I am looking forward to the Club Chairs meetings that are coming up around the country and talking to as many people as possible. 

So until my next update…… 

Yours in surf,

Brent Warner
Surf Life Saving New Zealand