Board Report: 14 May 2012

Dear Clubbies, 

The Board convened by phone conference on 14 May. Key items discussed are summarised below but before I get into this I'd like to tell you about the progress with our current organisational strategic and management planning cycle - This drives what the team at SLSNZ does.

Over the last 6 weeks the Board has met with Regional Club Chairs Committees and socialised a draft one page organisational strategy for discussion and feedback.

The Board and Senior Management Team have since meet separately to refine the strategic plan. This has been used to draft management plans and budgets for the coming 2012/13 financial year.

The Board is keen that the strategic plan is not something that sits on a shelf after it has been written and gathers dust. It needs to be simple, succinct, and something we can all get meaning from. In due course we'll send it out as a summary one-pager for clubs. But remember that it's a "living document" so I'm keen for your feedback.

As a preview, here's the draft priority outcomes called for the strategic plan:

  • Vibrant, active clubs with a strong membership bases.
  • We are one organisation working together. 
  • Financial strength for the national body and its clubs.
  • Increased capability for operational excellence. 
  • Credibility - as organisations and as a sport.
  • A greater presence in prevention and education.
Key points covered included:
1.     Governance - the four regions have elected their representatives to the Board Appointments Panel (BAP).  This is one of the most pivotal teams in Surf Life Saving.  This panel assesses applications to the Board and makes recommendations to members and clubs on who to vote for at the AGM - to be held on 22 September in Wellington Having been in front of the BAP during my application to the Board - it is a thorough recruitment process involving an independent governance expert with an interview for shortlisted applicants.   
2.     International Lifeguard Service (ILS) nominations - with Brian Velvin standing down this year there is a need to find a replacement for ILS to consider inviting to the International Sport Committee.  It was agreed that a sub-committee involving myself, Warwick Bell and Brian Velvin oversee the process.  Criteria are to be established and members are invited to submit expressions of interest. 
3.     Honours and Awards committee - thanks to Brian Wilson for his service to this committee.  Brian has recently stood down from the committee after first being appointed at the 1999 AGM!  Thanks also to Marilyn Moffatt for agreeing to stand in while a permanent replacement is found in September.  As most of you will know, it is the Honours and Awards committee that recommends criteria and assesses nominations for SLSNZ awards including Service, Distinguished Service and Life Membership awards.  These awards are an important tribute, a celebration of the significant contribution of our most dedicated volunteers.
4.     SLSNZ Policies - a complete list of organisational policies and their status in the review cycle was presented and noted.
5.     SLSNZ Regulations - are undergoing their first major review following SLSNZ's organisational changes.  Matt Warren is leading this work.
6.     Governance sub-committees - these provide strategic oversight to areas of our organisation's work programme. they will change over time as priorities change.
At the strategic planning day the following subcommittees were agreed:
Finance, Audit and Risk
Michael Bassett-Foss, Nicki Nicol, Brent Warner
SLSNZ Foundation
Brent Warner, Colin Weatherall, Bob Harvey
Warwick Bell, Andrew Lancaster
Healthy Clubs
Michael Bassett-Foss, Nicki Nicol
Warwick Bell, Andrew Lancaster
Regulations/ Policies
Colin Weatherall, plus co-opted members
7.     Swim and Survive Review - our CE Paul, GM - Programmes and Services Brett, and I were invited to the presentation of the Review findings.  Other organisations at the review were Swimming NZ, Water Safety NZ and Water Safety Auckland.  Fundamentally, the reoccurring theme throughout the findings is the need for organisations to collaborate.  As key organisations we have been invited to submit feedback on the Review to the next Drowning Prevention Council meeting in early June.
8.     Finances - positive April figures are attributed to cash flow timing.  Year end results are on target for a small surplus as noted in previous reports.
Next meeting:

The next Board meeting is set for 10 June in Wellington.

As usual, I greatly appreciate your feedback or queries. 

Yours in surf

Michael Bassett-Foss

Surf Life Saving New Zealand