Five Questions with… Andrew Dalziel

Friday, 21 June 2024

Club: Worser Bay Surf Life Saving Club

Volunteer Role: Junior Coordinator & surf lifeguard



What’s the best thing about volunteering?

There are many volunteer organisations in New Zealand, and they rely on people to get involved.  For me, the best thing about volunteering is giving back to others and seeing kids develop.



Why do you volunteer for Surf Life Saving New Zealand?

Growing up I was involved in surf lifesaving, so I got my kids involved as well.  Over the years, it has given a lot to me and my kids, so it’s nice to give back.


I also found that when I signed my kids up, I gradually became more involved in surf lifesaving again.  The club needed someone to look after the kids, so I decided to put my hand up. 


Surf lifesaving is particularly great for kids because it gives them confidence in the water, it’s a great sport to be involved in, and they learn valuable life skills like becoming a qualified surf lifeguard and performing first aid. 



What’s your day job?

I’m the CFO and COO of a tech company called Kami.  We’re an educational software company with over 40million users worldwide.  I also have two kids – a 16-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.



How do you balance everything?

I don’t!  But I have a very understanding wife who fills in the gaps.  It’s not just me; it’s her as well.  It’s a real team effort.



What would your advice be to anyone thinking about volunteering for SLSNZ?

Get involved and you’ll get more out of it than you put in.  As they say, I’m totally ‘In it for life’.  Surf lifesaving never really leaves you.