Mount Maunganui Dominates SLSNZ Eastern Region Championships

Friday, 2 February 2024

In a spectacular display of skill and teamwork, Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service emerged triumphant at the Eastern Region Championships, securing both the Overall Club Trophy and the Eastern Region Top Club Trophy.


The event, held from 26 – 28 January at Mount Maunganui Beach, saw 725 athletes compete across a wide variety of events, including Surf Swim Race, Board Paddle Race, and the premier Ironperson.


34 Surf Life Saving clubs were involved, with teams coming from as far north as Ruakākā and as far south as Taylors Mistake in Christchurch. 


Sonia Keepa, SLSNZ Eastern Region Sport Manager, said, “All of the athletes were qualified and refreshed volunteer surf lifeguards who spend hours training to be the best they can be.  Seeing them battling it out at Mount Maunganui Beach was fantastic and beachgoers should be proud and thankful that they have these incredible surf lifeguards watching over them every summer.


“Mount Maunganui Beach was also the perfect backdrop for racing.  This year the large craft races, including surf boats and canoes, made a return to the event which added an exciting dimension to the Championships.”


Molly Shivnan from Omanu Beach Surf Life Saving Club claimed victory in the Female Ironperson event.  Meanwhile, Jayden Murphy from Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service secured the Open Men’s Ironperson title, helping his club win the top two trophies.


John ‘Spindles’ Bryant, Mount Maunganui Coach, said, “We are stoked to have won the Eastern Region Championships.  Our team has worked tirelessly to claim this title, and it’s incredibly satisfying to get these well-deserved trophies back in our cabinet. 


“While there were a number of incredible individual performances, the wins are a testament to the collective effort of our team.  I want to thank everyone who made this event possible – the parents, beach crews, officials, water safety personnel – their dedication truly made this possible.”


The SLSNZ High Performance selectors closely observed the action with the upcoming selection of the Black Fins teams for the Lifesaving World Championships which will take place on the Gold Coast in Australia in August.


The Championships also served as a crucial testing ground for athletes as they prepare for the upcoming Oceans: Festival of Junior Lifesaving (22 – 25 February) and the New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships (14 - 17 March).  Both events will be held at Mount Maunganui Beach.


SLSNZ would like to thank the following partners who made this event possible: Tauranga City Council, TECT, Just Sheds, NES Hire, PTS Logistics, Brandt, and McLeod Cranes, Hiab and Transport Services.


Full Results:

2km Beach Run

U14-15 Female. Tessa Scott, Waihi Beach 1, Georgia Walter, Waihi Beach 2, Darcy O'Sullivan, NPOB 3.

U14-15 Male. Dylan Blanchard, Red Beach 1, Luke Gillbanks, Papamoa 2, Finn Freemantle, Whangamata 3.

U17 Female. Anika Pihema, Red Beach 1, Amelia Brown, Maranui 2, Eden Murdoch, Piha SLSC 3.

U17 Male. Jack Mason, East End 1, Lukas Tyne, Red Beach 2, Tama Hawkins, Mt Maunganui 3.

U19 Female. Kate McHardy, Lyall Bay 1, Zoe Rive, Pukehina 2, Lucy Bartlett, Mt Maunganui 3.

U19 Male. Azrael Cabusao, Whakatane 1, Jayden Earley, Omaha Beach 2, Conor Chesney, Lyall Bay 3.

Open Female. Poppaea Bramwell-Reeks, Mt Maunganui 1, Nicola Godwin, East End 2, Harriet Park, Waimarama 3.

Open Male. Liam Chesney, Lyall Bay 1, Henry Bramwell-Reeks, Mt Maunganui 2, Joshua Thorburn, East End 3.


Double Ski

U17-Open Mixed. Red Beach A (Grant Clancy/ Kate Rogers) 1, Orewa A (James Scott/ Macey Franich) 2, Midway B (Jack Gavin/ Sophie Petro) 3.

U19 Female. Piha A (Brooke Murdoch/ Olivia Tukia) 1, South Brighton A (Chloe Ah kuoi/ Lucy Asher) 2, Fitzroy A (Emma Brimelow/ Poppy Barnes/ Kara Baker) 3.

U19 Male. Taylors Mistake A (Tiago Chamberlain/ Zachary Ebbett-Watt) 1, South Brighton A (Dylan Monk/ Tom Thyne) 2, Midway A (Jack Lepper/ Tyron Evans) 3.

Open Female. East End A (Claudia Kelly/ Julia Padrutt) 1, Taylors Mistake A (Ruby Hikuroa/ Lucy Stroud) 2, Red Beach A (Kate Rogers/ Ella Butler) 3.

Open Male. Mt Maunganui A (Jayden Murphy/ Lincoln Waide) 1, Orewa A (James Scott/ Kees Ursem) 2, Red Beach B (Reuben Creighton/ Kade Scheib) 3.


Beach Sprints

U14-15 Female. Charlize Duncan, Fitzroy 1, Georgie Beaufoy, Waikanae 2, Heidi Rickard, Mt Maunganui 3.

U14-15 Male. Dylan Blanchard, Red Beach 1, Thijs Clements, Mt Maunganui 2, Will Robinson, Whangamata 3.

U17 Female. Tetsani Thompson, Mt Maunganui 1, Lucy Angland, Waimarama 2, Anika Pihema, Red Beach 2.

U17 Male. Ryder Heath, Mairangi Bay 1, Isaac Johnstone, Mt Maunganui 2, Finn Cameron, Midway 3.

U19 Female. Michaela Pocock, Mairangi Bay 1, Riley Grylls, Opunake 2, Olivia Tukia, Piha SLSC 3.

U19 Male. Oska Smith, Waikanae 1, Logan West, Mt Maunganui 2, Hunter Robinson, East End 3.

Open Female. Briana Irving, Waikanae 1, Riley Grylls, Opunake 2, Evette Albers, East End 3.

Open Male. Oska Smith, Waikanae 1, James Robertson, South Brighton 2, Morgan Foster, South Brighton 3.


Beach Relay

U15-17 Female. Waimarama A (Lucy Angland/ Lucy Kinnear/ Rosa Angland/ Tia List) 1, Whangamata A (Imogen Ussher/ Eden Wood/ Holly Warden/ Lexi Meyer/ Misha Petherbridge) 2, East End A (Alexis Elemam/ Chelsea Gartner/ Freya Stolte/ Talen Ryley Hickford ) 3.

U15-17 Male. Red Beach A (Ashton Savage/ Haydn Butler/ Dylan Blanchard/ Josh O'Sullivan) 1, Midway A (Yahni Brown/ Finn Cameron/ Maxwell Kennedy/ Harry Hayward) 2, Mairangi Bay A (Ryder Heath/ Ike Ancell/ Brydon Storey/ Jamie Maunder) 3.

U19 Female. Mt Maunganui A (Bella-Rose Mountfort/ Lucy Bartlett/ Monique Bartlett/ Tetsani Thompson) 1, Whangamata A (Imogen Ussher/ Maggie Robinson/ Holly Warden/ Meg Harray) 2, Mairangi Bay A (Michaela Pocock/ Ava Murphy/ Brooke Pocock/ Ella Hamilton) 3.

U19 Male. Mt Maunganui A (Thomas Richardson/ Oliver Drewe/ Zac Baveystock/ Logan West/ Liam Shanahan) 1, Red Beach A (Ashton Savage/ Jasper Cornish/ Laine Creighton/ Blake van der Net) 2, East End A (Zak Johnson/ Harry Whiting/ Hunter Robinson/ Logan Smith/ Oscar Rust/ Jack Mason) 3.

Open Female. East End A (Nicola Godwin/ Evette Albers/ Chelsea Gartner/ Alexis Elemam) 1, Red Beach A (Aneka Mittendorff/ Ella Butler/ Kate Rogers/ Sian Bester) 2, Westshore A (Baylie Young/ Sophie Pollock/ Charlotte Swayn/ Tegan Anderson) 3.

Open Male. East End A (Zak Johnson/ Hunter Robinson/ Logan Smith/ Joshua Thorburn/ Harry Whiting/ Oscar Rust) 1, South Brighton A (Mathieu Reid/ George Reid/ Morgan Foster/ James Robertson/ Louis Vuleta) 2, Mt Maunganui A (Harry Low/ Lincoln Waide/ Ky Howell/ Cyril Senften) 3.



U14-15 Female. Tessa Scott, Waihi Beach 1, Emma Iceton, East End 2, Olivia Verryt, Omanu 3.

U14-15 Male. Tré O'Sullivan , Mt Maunganui 1, Brooklyn Taylor, East End 2, James Whitaker, Papamoa 3.

U17 Female. Skye Trist, South Brighton 1, Amelie Pearson, Papamoa 2, Izzy Milne, Whangamata 3.

U17 Male. Yahni Brown, Midway 1, Zachary Cairns, Papamoa 2, Lucas Forbes, Mairangi Bay 3.

U19 Female. Sophie Petro, Midway 1, Freya Stolte, East End 2, Tara Shotter, East End 3.

U19 Male. Angus Blair, Midway 1, Tyron Evans, Midway 2, Nathaniel Allen, Piha SLSC 3.

Open Female. Molly Shivnan, Omanu 1, Kate McHardy, Lyall Bay 2, Talitha McEwan, Mt Maunganui 3.

Open Male. Jayden Murphy, Mt Maunganui 1, Gus Shivnan, Omanu 2, Taylor Chamberlain, Taylors Mistake 3.


Surf Race

U14-15 Female. Lola Lowry, Mt Maunganui 1, Olivia Verryt, Omanu 2, Tessa Scott, Waihi Beach 3.

U14-15 Male. Brooklyn Taylor, East End 1, James Whitaker, Papamoa 2, Tré O'Sullivan , Mt Maunganui 3.

U17 Female. Freya Stolte, East End 1, Izzy Milne, Whangamata 2, Isobella Davoren, Papamoa 3.

U17 Male. Charlie Shivnan, Omanu 1, Henry Scholes, Mt Maunganui 2, Dylan Pearce, Orewa 3.

U19 Female. Pippa Nicol, Mt Maunganui 1, Talitha McEwan, Mt Maunganui 2, Zoe Crawford, Mairangi Bay 3.

U19 Male. Jack Lepper, Midway 1, Nathaniel Allen, Piha SLSC 2, Oliver Watt, Lyall Bay 3.

Open Female. Molly Shivnan, Omanu 1, Jessikah Fearnley, Midway 2, Bree McCowatt, Mairangi Bay 3.

Open Male. Nathan Proctor, Mt Maunganui 1, Gus Shivnan, Omanu 2, Hamish Miller, Mt Maunganui 3.


Board Race

U14-15 Female. Georgia Walter, Waihi Beach 1, Tessa Scott, Waihi Beach 2, Ruby Milne, Whangamata 3.

U14-15 Male. Dylan Blanchard, Red Beach 1, Will Robinson, Whangamata 2, Finn Freemantle, Whangamata 3.

U17 Female. Tetsani Thompson, Mt Maunganui 1, Maddison Greetham, Papamoa 2, Jacqueline Kennedy, Midway 3.

U17 Male. Yahni Brown, Midway 1, Dillon Howell, Mt Maunganui 2, Braith Swanberg, Omanu 3.

U19 Female. Pippa Nicol, Mt Maunganui 1, Sophie Petro, Midway 2, Lucy Bartlett, Mt Maunganui 3.

U19 Male. Ben Blair, Omaha Beach 1, Jack Lepper, Midway 2, Angus Blair, Midway 3.

Open Female. Julia Padrutt, East End 1, Olive Pearce, Mt Maunganui 2, Molly Shivnan, Omanu 3.

Open Male. James Scott, Orewa 1, Jayden Murphy, Mt Maunganui 2, Julen Marticorena, Mt Maunganui 3.


Ski Race

U14-15 Female. Olivia Verryt, Omanu 1, Lucy Kinnear, Waimarama 2, Darcy O'Sullivan, NPOB 3.

U14-15 Male. Dylan Blanchard, Red Beach 1, Max Morley, Waihi Beach 2, Brooklyn Taylor, East End 3.

U17 Female. Ella Strang, Maranui 1, Olivia Lysaght, Orewa 2, Trelise Chote, Papamoa 3.

U17 Male. Dylan Monk, South Brighton 1, Yahni Brown, Midway 2, Charlie Shivnan, Omanu 3.

U19 Female. Chloe Ah kuoi, South Brighton 1, Sorell Shand, Taylors Mistake 2, Zoe Crawford, Mairangi Bay 3.

U19 Male. Laine Creighton, Red Beach 1, Kailen Brackebush, Orewa 2, Tyron Evans, Midway 3.

Open Female. Christy Tate, Waikanae 1, Julia Padrutt, East End 2, Katrina Madill, Mt Maunganui 3.

Open Male. Jayden Murphy, Mt Maunganui 1, Kade Scheib, Red Beach 2, James Scott, Orewa 3.


Beach Flags

U14-15 Female. Charlize Duncan, Fitzroy 1, Rosa Angland, Waimarama 2, Lucy Kinnear, Waimarama 3.

U14-15 Male. Dylan Blanchard, Red Beach 1, Luke Gillbanks, Papamoa 2, Will Robinson, Whangamata 3.

U17 Female. Lucy Angland, Waimarama 1, Tetsani Thompson, Mt Maunganui 2, Anika Pihema, Red Beach 3.

U17 Male. Iraia Roberts, Westshore 1, Finn Jones, Whakatane 2, Ashton Savage, Red Beach 3.

U19 Female. Riley Grylls, Opunake 1, Bella-Rose Mountfort, Mt Maunganui 2, Michaela Pocock, Mairangi Bay 3.

U19 Male. Oska Smith, Waikanae 1, Logan Smith, East End 2, Jerram Sinclair, Opunake 3.

Open Female. Jordan Grylls, Opunake 1, Briana Irving, Waikanae 2, Riley Grylls, Opunake 3.

Open Male. Caleb Lawn, Opunake 1, Oska Smith, Waikanae 2, Louis Vuleta, South Brighton 3.


Surf Teams Race (4)

U15-17 Female. Papamoa A (Amelie Pearson/ Trelise Chote/ Isobella Davoren/ Jessica Pilbrow) 1, Waimarama A (Kate McLaren/ Anna McLaren/ Lucy Kinnear/ Georgia Mill) 2, Mt Maunganui A (Grace Rickit/ Tetsani Thompson/ Lola Lowry/ Olivia Middleweek/ Monique Bartlett) 3.

U15-17 Male. Mt Maunganui A (Sam McAlister/ Henry Scholes/ Dillon Howell/ Edward Webb) 1, Papamoa A (James Whitaker/ Oliver Pepers/ Luke Gillbanks/ Zachary Cairns) 2, Omanu A (Oli Hansen/ Braith Swanberg/ Charlie Shivnan/ Mackenzie Ewing) 3.

U19 Female. Mt Maunganui A (Pippa Nicol/ Talitha McEwan/ Lucy Bartlett/ Monique Bartlett) 1, East End A (Bella Wansbrough/ Tara Shotter/ Freya Stolte/ Ruby Hales) 2, Whangamata A (Isla Petherbridge / Milana Tapper/ Meg Harray/ Misha Petherbridge/ Maggie Robinson) 3.

U19 Male. Midway A (Tyron Evans/ Angus Blair/ Jack Lepper/ Yahni Brown) 1, Lyall Bay A (Oliver Watt/ Aidan Chesney/ Conor Chesney/ Cormac Chesney/ Joe Saulbrey) 2, Piha A (Nathaniel Allen/ Isaac Gear/ Lucas Wilson/ Jono Allen) 3.

Open Female. Mt Maunganui A (Isabella Akroyd/ Talitha McEwan/ Pippa Nicol/ Olive Pearce) 1, Mairangi Bay A (Bree McCowatt/ Johanna Morrison/ Zoe Crawford/ Elizabeth Brennan) 2, East End A (Lucy North/ Bella Wansbrough/ Tara Shotter/ Arnika Watson) 3.

Open Male. Mairangi Bay A (Louis Clark/ Paul van Achterbergh / Connor Beamish/ Samuel Poching) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Jayden Murphy/ Ky Howell/ Matthew Hyde/ Nathan Proctor) 2, Paekakariki A (Alexander Cecioni/ Max Jones/ Nicolas Cecioni/ Luke Martin) 3.


Board Rescue

U15-17 Female. Midway A (Ella Sutton/ Emily Petro) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Monique Bartlett/ Tetsani Thompson) 2, East End B (Neela Corkin/ Chelsea Gartner) 3.

U15-17 Male. Piha A (Isaac Gear/ Jono Allen) 1, Omanu A (Charlie Shivnan/ Oli Hansen) 2, Mt Maunganui B (Dillon Howell/ Tama Hawkins) 3.

U19 Female. Mt Maunganui A (Pippa Nicol/ Lucy Bartlett) 1, East End A (Tara Shotter/ Freya Stolte) 2, Midway A (Sophie Petro/ Alice Sparks) 3.

U19 Male. Midway A (Tyron Evans/ Jack Lepper) 1, East End A (Oscar Rust/ Zak Johnson) 2, Taylors Mistake A (Zachary Ebbett-Watt/ Tiago Chamberlain) 3.

Open Female. East End A (Lucy North/ Julia Padrutt) 1, Omanu A (Molly Shivnan/ Mikaela Ketu) 2, Red Beach A (Kate Rogers/ Ella Butler) 3.

Open Male. Mt Maunganui I (Matthew Hyde/ Julen Marticorena) 1, Mairangi Bay A (Louis Clark/ Paul van Achterbergh ) 2, Omanu B (Jack Keepa/ Lachie Falloon) 3.


Ski Relay

U15-17 Female. Papamoa A (Maddison Greetham/ Trelise Chote/ Georgia Davoren) 1, East End A (Freya Stolte/ Mia Padrutt/ Alexis Elemam) 2, Midway A (Ella Sutton/ Jacqueline Kennedy/ Hannah Webb) 3.

U15-17 Male. South Brighton A (Dylan Monk/ Antonio Rodrigues/ Lewis Monk) 1, Midway A (Yahni Brown/ Finn Cameron/ Maxwell Kennedy) 2, Mt Maunganui A (Sam McAlister/ Dillon Howell/ Tama Hawkins) 3.

U19 Female. Taylors Mistake A (Sorell Shand/ Sophie Matehaere/ Brooke Goldsmith) 1, Midway A (Sophie Petro/ Alice Sparks/ Jacqueline Kennedy) 2, South Brighton A (Lucy Asher/ Leah McCallum/ Chloe Ah kuoi) 3.

U19 Male. Midway A (Tyron Evans/ Jack Lepper/ Angus Blair) 1, South Brighton A (Dylan Monk/ Liam Rogers/ Tom Thyne) 2, Taylors Mistake A (Tiago Chamberlain/ Zachary Ebbett-Watt/ Callum Gard) 3.

Open Female. Mt Maunganui A (Kiana O'Fee/ Katrina Madill/ Olive Pearce) 1, Taylors Mistake A (Lucy Stroud/ Ruby Hikuroa/ Sorell Shand) 2, East End A (Claudia Kelly/ Julia Padrutt/ Tiana Williamson) 3.

Open Male. Orewa A (Kees Ursem/ Kailen Brackebush/ James Scott) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Jayden Murphy/ Lincoln Waide/ Euan Dungavel) 2, Red Beach A (Kade Scheib/ Reuben Creighton/ Kalani Gilbertson) 3.


Board Relay

U15-17 Female. Midway A (Ella Sutton/ Emily Petro/ Jacqueline Kennedy) 1, East End A (Freya Stolte/ Mia Padrutt/ Chelsea Gartner) 2, Whangamata A (Holly Warden/ Izzy Milne/ Eden Wood) 3.

U15-17 Male. Omanu A (Oli Hansen/ Braith Swanberg/ Charlie Shivnan) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Dillon Howell/ Sam McAlister/ Tama Hawkins) 2, Midway A (Yahni Brown/ Finn Cameron/ Harry Hayward) 3.

U19 Female. Midway A (Sophie Petro/ Alice Sparks/ Emily Petro) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Lucy Bartlett/ Pippa Nicol/ Talitha McEwan) 2, Taylors Mistake A (Sophie Matehaere/ Sorell Shand/ Brooke Goldsmith) 3.

U19 Male. Midway A (Tyron Evans/ Angus Blair/ Jack Lepper) 1, East End A (Jack Scott/ Zak Johnson/ Hunter Robinson) 2, Omaha Beach A (Jayden Earley/ Ben Blair/ Ashton Smith) 3.

Open Female. Mt Maunganui A (Olive Pearce/ Katrina Madill/ Kiana O'Fee) 1, East End A (Julia Padrutt/ Nicola Godwin/ Claudia Kelly) 2, Taylors Mistake A (Lucy Stroud/ Ruby Hikuroa/ Olivia Jackson/ Georgie Pitkethley) 3.

Open Male. Mt Maunganui G (Lincoln Waide/ Ky Howell/ Nathan Proctor) 1, Omanu A (Lachie Falloon/ Jack Keepa/ Gus Shivnan) 2, Mt Maunganui D (Harry Low/ Jayden Murphy/ Julen Marticorena) 3.


Taplin Relay

Open Male. Mairangi Bay A (Louis Clark/ Connor Beamish/ Paul van Achterbergh / Travis Mitchell/ Jonathan Reshef/ Joseph Wilson) 1, Red Beach A (Reuben Creighton/ Nathaniel Fitt/ Daniel Cairns/ Kalani Gilbertson/ Jasper Cornish/ Kade Scheib) 2, Mt Maunganui A (Matthew Hyde/ Jayden Murphy/ Lincoln Waide/ Nathan Proctor/ Harry Low/ Julen Marticorena) 3.

U15-17 Female. East End A (Mia Padrutt/ Freya Stolte/ Alexis Elemam) 1, Papamoa A (Isobella Davoren/ Trelise Chote/ Amelie Pearson) 2, Midway A (Ella Sutton/ Emily Petro/ Jacqueline Kennedy) 3.

U15-17 Male. Omanu A (Charlie Shivnan/ Braith Swanberg/ Luke Thompson) 1, Mairangi Bay A (Luke Jackson/ Lucas Forbes/ Brydon Storey) 2, East End A (Max Cave/ Chris Callebaut/ Oliver Goble) 3.

U19 Female. Mairangi Bay A (Zoe Crawford/ Elizabeth Brennan/ Michaela Pocock) 1, East End A (Bella Wansbrough/ Tara Shotter/ Ruby Hales) 2, Mt Maunganui A (Pippa Nicol/ Lucy Bartlett/ Olivia Marshall/ Talitha McEwan) 3.

U19 Male. Midway A (Tyron Evans/ Jack Lepper/ Angus Blair) 1, Red Beach A (Jasper Cornish/ Blake van der Net/ Laine Creighton) 2, East End A (Oscar Rust/ Zak Johnson/ Hunter Robinson) 3.

Open Female. East End A (Claudia Kelly/ Nicola Godwin/ Julia Padrutt) 1, Mt Maunganui A (Talitha McEwan/ Katrina Madill/ Olive Pearce/ Pippa Nicol) 2, Red Beach A (Kate Rogers/ Ella Butler/ Aneka Mittendorff) 3.





2024 Eastern Region Senior Championships

Overall Points








Mt Maunganui Lifeguard Service




East End SLSC




Midway SLSC




Red Beach SLSC




Omanu SLSC








Papamoa SLSC




Mairangi Bay SLSC




Orewa SLSC




South Brighton SLSC




Lyall Bay SLSC




Whangamata SLSC




Taylors Mistake SLSC




Waikanae SLSC




Waimarama SLSC




Ocean Beach Kiwi SLSC




Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services Inc




Opunake SLSC




Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service Inc




New Brighton




Fitzroy SLSC




Omaha Beach SLSC




Maranui SLSC




Whakatane SLSC




Westshore SLSC




New Plymouth Old Boys SLSC




Pukehina Surf Rescue




Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards





2024 Eastern Region Senior Championships

Eastern Region Clubs Only Points








Mt Maunganui Lifeguard Service




Midway SLSC




Omanu SLSC




Papamoa SLSC




Whangamata SLSC




Waikanae SLSC




Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services Inc




Whakatane SLSC




Pauanui SLSC




Pukehina Surf Rescue




Opotiki SLSC




Wainui SLSC