Champions of the Beach: Surf Life Saving Canterbury Awards Finalists Announced

Friday, 5 May 2023

The finalists for Surf Life Saving New Zealand’s (SLSNZ) Canterbury Awards of Excellence have been announced following a busy summer season.


These awards are not only a celebration of the amazing skills, dedication, and hard work that went in to keeping New Zealanders safe in the water, but also a recognition of those who have taught others, run administration and competed in surf sports during the 2022/23 season.


SLSNZ Southern Regional Manager Stu Bryce said, “It was a busy season for our Canterbury teams, following a couple of years of restrictions.  Despite challenging surf conditions, our Surf Lifeguards remained vigilant in ensuring the safety of beachgoers who flocked to the beaches to soak up the sunshine.”


“The season ended on a high with the TSB New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships at New Brighton beach.  It was a successful four day event that will be remembered for years to come. A big thanks must go out to all our members who worked tirelessly both on the front lines patrolling the beaches and behind the scenes, ensuring everything ran smoothly.”


The SLSNZ Canterbury Awards of Excellence will bring together Surf Life Saving Clubs from across the South Island, including Nelson, Rārangi, Buller, Kotuku, Waikuku Beach, Spencer Park, Waimairi, North Beach, New Brighton, South Brighton, Sumner and Taylors Mistake.


Bryce said, “It’s great to have so many of our members recognised for their hard work and dedication.  The sheer amount of time and effort put in by our volunteers is truly inspiring.  The Volunteer of the Year award is going to be a tough one to decide, with so many deserving candidates who have given their all to help clubs throughout the season.”


The awards will be held at the iconic Turanga Library in the heart of Christchurch’s Cathedral Square on May 13th at 6pm.


Full list of finalists:


Surf Official of the Year

Andrea Summerfield - Waikuku Beach

Daryl Poulsen - Spencer Park

Ian Rae - Taylors Mistake

Lance Cleeve - Waimairi

Stu Bryce - New Brighton

Tesimale Ah Kuoi - South Brighton


The Shanks Family Event Guard of the Year

Doug Heaton - Waimairi

Jamie Lock - Taylors Mistake

Tim Harris - North Beach

Zavian Fletcher - New Brighton

Zeke De Gouw - Spencer Park


Coach of the Year

Ben Keys - Waimairi

Dave Smith - Taylors Mistake

Dean Le Warne - North Beach

Dylan Neal-Hill - Spencer Park

Logan Penrose - New Brighton

Malcolm MacDonald - South Brighton

Mark Robberds - Sumner

Tom Denman - Sumner


Allan Lee Team of the Year

South Brighton Open Men's Beach Relay

(Morgan Foster, George Reid, Mathieu Reid, Luca Mackenzie)

South Brighton Open Women's Beach Relay

(Anna Manning, Ashleigh Archer, Annie O'Neill, Mihiroa Pauling)

Sumner Open Men's Board Rescue

(Ben Isles, Jack Simmons)

Taylors Mistake Open Men's Board Relay

(Conor Dempster, Flynn Hamilton, Taylor Chamberlain


The Leon ‘Flash’ Peters Team of the Year

New Brighton U23 Men's Surf Boat Crew

(Isaac Davies, Liam Bunting, Cameron Long, James Kitchenman, Lachland Hill, Logan Penrose)

North Beach U19 Women's Canoe Crew

(Matilda Le Warne, Izzy mccone, Olivia Gainsford, Ana Schraa)

North Beach Open Men's IRB Crew

(Zachary Fenwick-Bull, Brendan Hall)

Spencer Park U23 Men's IRB Crew

(Zeke De Gouw, Liam Walker, Caleb Stewart, Emma Blackwell, Greer Poulsen)

Sumner Open Women's IRB Crew

(Kate Suter, Harakeke Mote, Sophie Berill)

Waimairi Open Men's Canoe Crew

(Carl Righton, Mark Cresswell, Greg Shea, Josh Edmonds


Te Onepoto Award for Junior Surf Coaching

Cameron Penrose - New Brighton

Elliot Duke - Taylors Mistake

Jack Watts - Rārangi

Josh Edmonds - Waimairi

Katie Hughes - Nelson

Luca Mackenzie - South Brighton

Myffy Roberts - Spencer Park

Sjaan Bowie - Sumner

Tim Harris - North Beach


Te Onepoto Award for Junior Surf Service

Amy Willcox - Spencer Park

Dean Le Warne - North Beach

Julie Jorgensen - Waikuku Beach

Kathryn Newbery - Taylors Mistake

Katie Hughes - Nelson

Kirsty Cullen - New Brighton

Maia Smith – Waimairi

Ben Quane - Sumner


Sports Man of the Year

Ben Cutler - Waimairi

Carl Tresfield - Sumner

Harrison Bentley - New Brighton

Morgan Foster - South Brighton

Taylor Chamberlain - Taylors Mistake

Thomas McIntyre - Spencer Park

Louis Clark – Taylors Mistake


Sports Woman of the Year

Izzy McCone - North Beach

Lucy Stroud - Taylors Mistake

Kiera Hall - Sumner

Rosie Falcous - South Brighton

Stella Crossan - Spencer Park


Regional Lifeguard of the Year

Jem Lilburne - Waimairi

Sophie Berrill - Sumner

William Simmons - Sumner


Beach Education Instructor of the Year

Alanah Fern - South Brighton

Gabby de Latour - South Brighton

Grace Rowland - Taylors Mistake

Jem Lilburne - Waimairi

Keke Mote - Sumner


Instructor/Examiner of the Year

Andrew MacFarlane - Waikuku Beach

Brendon Fergusson - Rārangi

Dean Le Warne - North Beach

Gabriella de Latour - South Brighton

Ian Rae - Taylors Mistake

Linda Poulsen - Spencer Park

Per Tonascia - Sumner

Rachael Cleeve - Waimairi


Rescue of the Year

New Brighton SLSC - 14th December 2022

Rārangi SLSC - 2nd March 2023

Spencer Park SLSC - 13th November 2022

Sumner SLSC - 12th November 2022

Taylors Mistake SLSC - 3rd February 2023

Taylors Mistake SLSC - 11th March 2023


Rookie Lifeguard of the Year

Alexander Williams - Waimairi

Fenix Raasch - Spencer Park

Hannah Gard - Taylors Mistake

Isaac Richardson - Waikuku Beach

Jessica Borcherds - New Brighton

Ruby Marshall - Rārangi

Tyler Lodge - South Brighton

Zara Harrington - Sumner


Emerging Lifeguard of the Year

Aggie Weston - Taylors Mistake

Grace Costello - Waimairi

Harrison Bentley - New Brighton

Jack Watts - Rārangi

Jessica Macdonald - Spencer Park

Lochie Ellison - Sumner

Markus Jorgensen - South Brighton

Olivia Gainsford - North Beach

Tiah Stanton - Nelson

Tomos Brooks - Waikuku Beach


Patrol Support of the Year

Mike Smith - Taylors Mistake

Peter Drake - Waikuku Beach

Riki Fahey - North Beach


Lifeguard of the Year

Courtney Moir - Nelson

Dean Le Warne - North Beach

Gary Rowse - Rārangi

Isaac Davies - New Brighton

Jesse Webb - Waimairi

Lucy Stroud - Taylors Mistake

Per Tonascia - Sumner

Riley Stewart - Spencer Park

Stella Reid - South Brighton


Volunteer of the Year

Brendon Fergusson - Rārangi

Craig Goldsmith - Taylors Mistake

Lachlan Hill - New Brighton

Matt Sheppard - South Brighton

Noah Hosie - Nelson

Phil Straver - North Beach

Todd Robertson - Waimairi

Troy Reed - Spencer Park




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