Surf Lifesaving Wāhine - Brooke Paulson

Friday, 11 March 2022

Let’s find out about one of the wonderful surf lifesaving wāhine, Brooke Paulson.

Name: Brooke Paulson 

Age: 22 

Club: Bethells Beach 

Tell us who you are within SLS: 

Currently, I am on the Bethells SAR Squad, and an Instructor/Examiner for the club. This season, I am also working up to be a Patrol Captain at Bethells. I have also spent a couple of years on the committee with being the Rookie Co-Ordinator and have also been a Beach Ed Instructor for the past 4 years. 

Name the three most influential people in your SLS career: 

  1. Sam Teteina - He brought me out to Bethells for the first time when I first moved up to Auckland and has been a key part of helping me develop as a guard over the past few seasons.
  2. Pia Harpour - She is such an amazing guard and mentor! She has helped me grow as both a guard and Beach Ed Instructor and is always super keen to help in any way that she can! Definitely someone who I will always look up to within SLS!
  3. Donal Dray-Hogg - She is one of the most supportive people at Bethells and is always keen for a good yarn! Absolutely love patrolling with this amazing gal!

What’s been your scariest SLS moment: 

Definitely, my scariest moment within SLS has been when I swam through the caves the first time at Bethells and then having to swim round to O’Neills in some pretty big surf. I soon learnt that Bethells can be wild compared to the East Coast where I grew up! 

WOW moment/favourite SLS memory: 

My favourite SLS memory is definitely the day I got my IRB drivers! Getting my drivers has been something that I always wanted to achieve and finally being able to get it was a day I'll never forget! 

What does Wāhine on Water mean to you: 

Wāhine on Water is such an amazing initiative which I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of the 3 that were held in Eastern Region last year. This is something that I would recommend to any Wāhine who are wanting to have a go in a boat as all the instructors and mentors are so keen to help out. 

What advice would you give to yourself when you first joined SLS: 

Do not be afraid to jump at any opportunities given to you, and to make connections with different clubs so you can have the opportunity to patrol and make friends with other clubbies! 

Life outside of SLSC: 

I finished my Bachelor of Education at the end of 2020 and now working full time and then spending pretty much every weekend out at the beach!