Surf Lifesaving Wāhine – It’s coming up roses for Rosie Falcous

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Rosie Falcous is a young Surf Lifesaving wāhine who’s been making great strides in both Surf Lifesaving Sport and Lifeguarding. In the past few months, she’s nailed some massive achievements, being named Top Candidate at the Canterbury Intermediate Lifeguard School and being selected for the Youth High-Performance Squad for the 2022 Lifesaving World Championships. Rosie has also just received the amazing news that she has made it into the World’s team.  

Rosie started competing in Lifesaving Sport when she was seven or eight, she’s now 16. Originally at St Clair SLSC she then joined South Brighton where she has had access to incredible coaches and support people, and met some “really cool teammates”.   

She loves the challenge of Lifesaving Sport and its many different disciplines, “I’m beachie so I do beach flags and beach sprints. I also get to do beach relay which is amazing, I really enjoy that. Those are my main events. I really enjoy trying new stuff too, I did my first Iron Race which was challenging.”    

On being selected to the High-Performance Squad Rosie says, “Amazing! I’m absolutely frothing! I’m stoked with how my season has gone and appreciate the opportunities I have had. It’s been really cool receiving messages from people and seeing the support I have. I’m really excited for the adventures ahead.”    

Rosie sees being involved in Lifesaving Sport as also benefiting her Lifeguarding saying, “For me being involved in Lifesaving Sport is a great way to improve my Lifeguarding. Lifesaving Sport gives me the fitness, skills and mentality required to be a good Lifeguard. I’m the proudest when I’m excelling in both my Lifeguarding and my sport.”  

When it comes to the sport side, she believes there’s something for everyone, “There are all different events and disciplines in Lifesaving Sport and Lifeguards can find their own thing, whether it’s beach flags or IRB racing or surf club. There’s something for everyone and I think that helps with retention. It also lets you be involved in the movement a bit more, which is great.”  

In addition to her recent Lifesaving Sport accomplishment, Rosie has been working hard to develop her Lifeguarding skills and knowledge. She recently attended the Canterbury Intermediate Lifeguard School and loved doing the Lifeguarding qualifications and the courses. Going to Intermediate Lifeguard School was a wonderful birthday present for Rosie, she explains, “My parents got me flights and one of my teammates put me up. I got to stay with her and her family and I did the School with her. It was completely new people and completely new scenery which was such a great challenge for me, navigating that new environment”.  

After completing Intermediate Lifeguard School Rosie planned to rush off early to catch her flight back home. Thankfully she was persuaded to stay until the Top Candidate was announced as it turned out she was to be given this honour. Rosie says, “I was letting them know that I might have to leave early because I had my flight and they said ‘no, you can’t leave early!’ and I really didn’t know why”.  

She adds, “It was pretty special, I was quite surprised. I got named Top Candidate and my mentor came over to me and it was a really special moment between us”.     

Rosie is keen to help other youngsters and enjoys helping with Junior Carnivals and taking Nippers groups. Her advice to Nippers and Rookies coming through the ranks is, “Be open-minded and give everything a go - and really give it a go. Persevere and take a positive attitude and you’ll find your thing. And when you do find it, give it your all. Even if you’re not interested in competing in Lifesaving Sport, maybe you can do Event Guarding, Coaching or Team Management. Lifesaving Sports isn’t just about the athletes, there’s a whole network of people involved”.  

Already making her mark in the Lifesaving world, Rosie values the experiences and opportunities it has given her saying, “Being part of the Surf Lifesaving movement is incredible. I’ve made friends for life and connections all around the country. To me, the most important thing is making the beaches safer! Surf Lifesaving is the coolest movement to be involved in! I plan to be ‘In It for Life’!”