Rescue After Pair's Runabout Breaks Down

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Oct 13

From The Gisborne Herald


The Gisborne Lion Foundation Coastguard boat and Surf Lifeguards were called out yesterday afternoon when a small runabout with two men on board broke down off Midway Beach.

It happened at around 1.15pm. The runabout the men had been fishing from had started to take on water.

Members of the Character Roofing surf lifesaving emergency callout squad launched two IRBs.

They picked up the men from their four-metre-long aluminium craft, which strong winds were pushing out into the bay.

The men were transferred to the Coastguard boat when it arrived.

“Both of them were OK,” a Coastguard spokesman said.

The runabout was towed back to the port.

Police said the men were spotted from shore and looked to be in difficulty. They had a cellphone and called for help.

“The incident illustrates how important it is to be properly prepared when putting out to sea,” police said. “People also need to be wary of complacency.”