Hawkes Bay Awards of Excellence winners announced

Friday, 3 July 2020


Top volunteers, athletes and Surf Lifeguards have been honoured at Surf Life Saving NZ’s Hawkes Bay Awards of Excellence.

The Awards of Excellence recognise volunteers who have gone above and beyond, who have dedicated many hours to their club, and have excelled in lifesaving sport.

Central Region manager Charlie Cordwell says the awards recognise the important contribution so many lifeguards make towards keeping our beaches safe.

“It is wonderful that we can recognise some of those who have made a particular contribution but it’s just as important to remember that supporting them are clubs full of volunteers who give up their time to keep the public safe.”

Kail McKenzie is the region’s Lifeguard of the Year. Kail is just in his third year of lifeguarding and has completed in excess of 100 hours of voluntary patrol for each of those years. He was involved in two rescues this season, one while on duty and the other while out surfing. Both had positive outcomes.

Tony Pattison is Volunteer of the Year and in his four years as chairman at Waimarama he’s provided exceptional governance and leadership.  His commitment and drive is second to none, with a clear passion for Waimarama. He is also a member of the Hawkes Bay Sports Committee and a member of the local Chairs committee and is a driving force in gaining sponsorship across the Region for the benefit of the four clubs.

Surf Life Saving NZ Awards of Excellence are held every year in each SLSNZ region to recognise and celebrate the many club members putting in considerable time, effort and skills at a grass-roots level to make sure Kiwis who head to the beach get home safe. The regional awards culminate in the National Awards of Excellence which will be held on September 19.


Hawkes Bay Awards of Excellence 2020 Winners

Lifeguard of the Year
Kail McKenzie – Waimarama
Volunteer of the Year
Tony Pattison – Waimarama

Junior Surf
10 /11 yrs Female
Maggie Drain - Ocean Beach Kiwi
10/11 yrs Male
Harry McKay - Ocean Beach Kiwi
Maude Russell Cup - Top Jnr Surf Club
Angus Russell - Top Jnr Surf Female
Izzy Grant - Westshore
Andresen Memorial - Top Jnr Surf Male
Iraia Roberts - Westshore
Metropolitan Life – Outstanding Sportsmanship Junior Surf
Lucy Angland - Waimarama
Outstanding Contribution to Junior Surf
Neil Galland - Westshore

Points Trophies from Hawkes Bay Champs
Pania Cup - Open Women’s Aggregate Points at HB Champs
Challenge Shield - Open Men’s Aggregate Points at HB Champs
Allan Christie Trophy -Hawke's Bay Pennant - Most Points Overall at HB Champs
Canterbury Trophy
Welsh Ladies Trophy (OW Ski Race)
Bridget Page - Westshore
Atherfold Cup (OM Surf Race)
Jonty Laver - Waimarama
London Trophy (OM Taplin)
Paekakariki Shield (OW Taplin)
Russell Cup (U19 M Taplin)
Waimarama Red
Burt Cup (U19 W Taplin)
JJE Rodda Memorial Cup (U16M Taplin)
Unnamed Cup (U16W Taplin)

Sport Trophies - Overall/General
Most Outstanding Beach Athlete - Male
Wesley Akeripa - Ocean Beach Kiwi
Most Outstanding Beach Athlete - Female
Jess Tucker - Ocean Beach Kiwi
Legend Ironwoman - All Ages
Bella Bassett-Foss - Waimarama
Legend Ironman - All Ages
Jonty Laver - Waimarama
Carroll Cup - Open Ironman Aggregate (Male)
Jonty Laver - Waimarama
Open Ironwoman Aggregate (Female)
Bella Bassett-Foss - Waimarama
Humes Cup - Most Improved Athlete
Carwyn Pattison - Waimarama

Lifeguarding Awards and Trophies
Top 3 Patrollers – OBK
Meg Barclay 62, Frances Ebbett-Watt 60.5, Adam Akuhata 53.
Top 3 Patrollers – WMR
Kail McKenzie 99, Harriet Park 77, Ken Laurie 58.5.
Top 3 Patrollers – PAC
Leah Cooper 104, Magnus Larbi 65.75, Ashlinn Stevenson 58
Top 3 Patrollers – WSS
Brian Quirk 84.5, Baylie Young 50.75 and Amelia Hayes 50.
Top Patrol Captain – OBK
Meg Barclay
Top Patrol Captain – WMR
James Laver
Top Patrol Captain – WSS
Taylor Dick
Top Patrol Captain – PAC
Leah Cooper
Outstanding Contribution to Power Craft
Rhys Harman - Waimarama
Most IRB Awards
Ocean Beach
Bart Dennehy Trophy – Most Surf Awards and Surf Instructors awards
Ocean Beach Kiwi 25
Coach of the Year Trophy
Bertie Bassett-Foss - Waimarama
Surf Official of the Year
Trina Wills - Westshore
Life Member Cup (Sportsperson of the Year)
Wesley Akeripa - Ocean Beach Kiwi
Dickson Cup Sports team of the Year
OBK U19 Male Canoe Team
Innovation of the Year
Tony Pattison - Waimarama
Volunteer of the Year - Durrand Cup
Tony Pattison - Waimarama
Instructor of the Year
Jason Broome - Waimarama
Lifeguard of the Year - Tremains Shield
Kail McKenzie - Waimarama
Masters Sportsperson of the Year
Michael Bassett-Foss - Waimarama
Masters Sports Team of the Year
Ocean Beach Kiwi Female 160+ Beach Relay and Westshore Male 200+ Boat Team
Club of the Year
Ice Breaker Cup Mens
Jonty Laver - Waimarama
Ice Breaker Cup Womens
Connie Wilson - Waimarama
Ice Breaker Cup Teams
Daniel Brown, Campbell Gray, Art Woodley-Hanan - Westshore

For more information please contact:

Charlie Cordwell
Central Regional Manager
Phone: 027 557 1015

Debbie Moodie
Hawkes Bay Club Support Officer
Phone: 027 421 3506

Rajal Middleton
Head of Commercial & Marketing
Phone 027 457 1001