$231,219 raised for Surf Life Saving New Zealand through BP’s Every Litre Counts campaign

Monday, 17 February 2020

BP announced today that $231,219 has been raised for Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ), thanks to the support of thousands of New Zealanders.

The amount was raised between 20 January and 16 February by Kiwis fuelling up at BP retail sites across the country during BP’s Every Litre Counts campaign. For every litre of fuel sold, BP made a donation to the charity which accumulated more than $230,000.

BP New Zealand’s Managing Director, Debi Boffa, says, “Our volunteer Surf Lifeguards have been putting in long hours to keep us safe at the beach all summer. They have our backs and Every Litre Counts is a way of showing that we also have theirs. It’s awesome to see thousands of Kiwis getting behind the cause once again.”

SLSNZ is investing the vital funds generated this year into an essential Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Health and Safety project, as well as using them to fulfill its role of supporting clubs across the country.

“IRBs are such a critical component to our beach rescues, and the health and safety of our volunteers is paramount. The $231,219 generated by Every Litre Counts will help us fund research into IRB safety as well as develop education resources and training programmes,”1 says SLSNZ CEO, Paul Dalton.

SLSNZ needs $10 million every year to operate and collectively its 74 clubs require roughly the same amount to run. As part of this year’s Every Litre Counts initiative, each club was challenged to spread the word about the campaign through social media for the chance to win one of 40 x $1,000 prizes.

The 40 winners include clubs from as far north as Whangarei Heads to St Clair in Otago.

In addition, individual Surf Lifeguards have won a $100 BP Gift Card to help with petrol expenses to get to patrols.

BP New Zealand’s Managing Director, Debi Boffa and SLSNZ CEO, Paul Dalton.

“To each person who fuelled up at BP during the donation period, we want you to know that your support means a great deal to us and really will make a difference in keeping our beaches safer,” Dalton says.

Every Litre Counts was first introduced in 2018 to mark 50 years since BP began its support of SLSNZ in 1968, believed to be New Zealand’s longest unbroken corporate partnership.

Since it began, $908,670 has been raised through Every Litre Counts, in addition to BP’s other support which includes an annual donation, an annual contribution of fuel for every Surf Life Saving Club around the country, and a new Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) donated to one club each year.



Click here for a list of the winning Clubs.

Click here for a list of the winning Surf Lifeguards.


For further information contact:

Leigh Taylor
Communications & External Affairs Manager
BP New Zealand
021 715 986


Melanie Louden
Media and Communications Manager
Surf Life Saving NZ
021 757 433


  1. SLSNZ has identified a large number of injuries associated with IRB use and has taken steps to increase the level of training required to crew an IRB, by introducing a new crew-persons training module, as well as making design modifications to the boat by removing the right foot-strap. However, the data to support these decisions has not been fully interrogated or tested and needs further analysis to understand and quantify the risks and any associated changes to boat design and training or boat crewing techniques required.


About the 52-year BP and Surf Life Saving New Zealand partnership:

The partnership between BP and SLSNZ began shortly after the 1968 Wahine disaster with the donation of a surf boat. Prior to that, BP's predecessor, Europa, sponsored a surf boat at Worser Bay Surf Life Saving Club called 'Miss Europa'. This boat was used by brave clubbies in horrendous conditions to save some of the 683 passengers and crew that were rescued from the Wahine. The Europa staff were so impressed by the actions of these clubbies that a nationwide sponsorship began evolving into the celebrated partnership it is today. BP purchased Europa and continued the partnership.

Every Litre Counts is in addition to BP’s Surf Life Saving New Zealand community partnership. The partnership includes an annual donation, a new Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) donated to one club each year (valued at $25,000), and an annual contribution towards fuel costs for every Surf Life Saving club around the country. BP has also launched the BP Leaders for Life programme which is designed to provide lifeguards with a variety of important skills including conflict resolution and leadership skills that can be applied to their communities and clubs. BP also recognises the skills of Surf Lifeguards in the BP Rescue of the Month and BP Rescue of the Year awards.