Surf Lifeguard Award Update

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

We are currently updating our Surf Lifeguard Award (SLA) manual, based on extensive feedback received over the last months. The candidate workbook will be updated after this. The current manual and workbook is still available for download from the SLSNZ website if you wish to access training material over the winter. We will notify the membership via Member News and social media when the updated manual is available for purchase.

There have been some sections of the manual which have had significant work done, so instructors should be mindful of this when training candidates prior to the release of the new manual. A summary of the changes below:

  • Prepare section which includes the Health, Safety and Wellbeing as well as Risk Management in Action information.

  • In the Prevent section new information has been added around teaching preventative lifeguarding practice, a new Incident and Injury Notification Flow Chart along with information regarding our SLSNZ Portal and collection of data.

  • The Respect section has been completely re-written which supports latest research. It is important to note new terminology has been used when describing waves and rip currents.

  • In the Response section we have aligned the updated information from our recent release of the RWC Manual. A new carry is also being introduced in this section and refinement of other techniques.

  • In the final section, Prepare, we have completely re-written and updated this section to comply with new regulations and requirements of CPR and First Aid.

We are aiming for the new manual and workbook to be available for purchase from 31st July. If you are currently training new lifeguards and plan to complete exams before then, please continue to use the current manual, workbook and exams.

A working group will be tasked with reviewing and updating the SLA examination to align with any changes to the manual. While there will not be any fundamental changes, notification will be given when the new material becomes live.