Finalists announced for Christchurch/Tasman SLSNZ Awards of Excellence

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Inspiring clubbies who keep our clubs running, and the region’s most dedicated surf lifesaving athletes and lifeguards have been recognised in the finalists list for the Surf Life Saving NZ 2019 Christchurch/Tasman Awards of Excellence.

The winners will be announced this Saturday evening, 11 May, at a ceremony in Christchurch.

Christchurch/Tasman Sport Manager Scotty Roberts says the 2018/19 season has been a good one.

“We’ve had high numbers of beach users out enjoying the water, but thankfully no major incidents.

“We were blessed with great conditions for our sporting events and we saw some outstanding performances from all athletes across the board. Our surf ski athletes scored some silver at the nationals, our surf boat crews performed well in competitions throughout the year, and we had an increase in masters’ participation in canoes, which is great to see.”

It was a highlight to have Jonelle Quane (Sumner SLSC) in the coaching team for the Black Fins - SLSNZ’s national sports team - and the selection of athlete Louis Clark (Taylors Mistake SLSC) to the Black Fins was a huge plus as well, Roberts says.

“We’re lucky to have some top sports performers, and some very well-rounded and highly skilled lifeguards, as well as a fantastic, strong support crew behind the scenes in our clubs putting their time into coaching, instructing, organising rosters, leading fundraising, and keeping our clubs ship shape,” Roberts says.

Surf Life Saving NZ Awards of Excellence are held every year in each SLSNZ region to recognise and celebrate the long list of club members putting in considerable time, effort and skills at a grass-roots level to keep our beaches safe.

The awards will be held at 6pm on Saturday 11 May, at Sixty6 (Christchurch Casino), Christchurch.

2019 Christchurch/Tasman Awards of Excellence finalists:

Coach of the year
Dave Smith (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
Jonelle Quane (Sumner SLSC)
Maddie Dawe and Fraser Smith (Waimairi SLSC)

Official of the year
Craig Todd (Sumner SLSC)
Mike Smith (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
Sarah Wylie (North Beach SLSC, Christchurch)
Lance Cleeve (Waimairi SLSC)

Sportsperson of the year
Thomas MacGibbon (Sumner SLSC)
Ben Keys (Waimairi SLSC)
Louis Clark (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
Tony Munnerley (Nelson SLSC)

Sports Team of the year – Craft (Leon Peters Award)
Sumner SLSC - U16 Pool Team
Waimairi SLSC - Men’s Open Canoe Crew
New Brighton SLSC - U19 Surf Boat Crew
Taylors Master SLSC - Men’s Canoe Team
Nelson SLSC - IRB Team

Sports Team of the year – Beach (Allan Lee Award)
Taylors Mistake SLSC - U16 Board Relay
Taylors Mistake SLSC - Double Ski
South Brighton SLSC – Open Ski Relay
South Brighton SLSC - Double Ski

Te Onepoto Award for Junior Coaching
Ian Rae (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
Kirsty Cullen (New Brighton SLSC)
Nathan Mitchell (North Beach SLSC)
Boatie Koekemoer (Sumner SLSC)
Lynn Smith (Waimairi SLSC)

Lifeguard of the year
• Sophie Hamilton (Spencer Park SLSC)
• Ian Rae (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
• Dean LE Warne (North Beach SLSC)
• Jake Simpson (Sumner SLSC)
• Jem Lilburne (Waimairi SLSC)

Instructor/Examiner of the year
• Tisha Bradley (Taylors Mistake)
• Kate Suter (Sumner SLSC)

Volunteer of the year
• Tisha Bradley (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
• Jimmy Gaskell (New Brighton SLSC)
• Russell Conner (North Beach SLSC)
• Toni Charles (Nelson SLSC)
• Todd Robertson (Waimairi SLSC)
• Tom Denman (Sumner SLSC)

Rookie Lifeguard of the year
• Agatha Weston (Taylors Mistake SLSC)
• Isla Joyce (Sumner SLSC)
• Zoe Maguire (Spencer Park SLSC)
• Will Sheere (Waimairi SLSC)
• Hayley Reid (New Brighton SLSC)


** File photos for Surf Life Saving NZ can be found here.

For more information, please contact:
Scotty Roberts, Surf Life Saving NZ Christchurch/Tasman Sport Manager
027 557 1013