Surf Life Saving New Zealand National Event Trophies

Posted by Melanie Louden on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Surf Life Saving New Zealand National Event Trophies

At its October 2018 meeting the SLSNZ Board approved the following:

  1. The SLSNZ Honours and Awards Committee will manage the allocation of new national event trophies on behalf of the movement.
    1. H&A will prioritise new trophy purchase/donation of trophy based on:
      1. Gender equity.
      2. Historical significance and relevance of the event/donor.
      3. Projected continuation of the event/category.
    2. SLSNZ will be asked to approve any new trophies or the reallocation of existing trophies.
    3. SLSNZ will establish a fund for this purpose. Clubs, groups or individuals will be able to contribute to this fund.  It is envisaged that many will make a donation which is not tagged to a particular trophy but rather to create a fund from which trophies can be added to as needed. This also allows smaller donations to be received.   The fund will be administered by the 21 Club as part of their ongoing management of the trophies (see point 2 below).  SLSNZ is now accepting such donations.  Please contact Sheryl McLay for account details.

  2. The 21 Club will manage the SLSNZ Trophies for National events on behalf of the movement, in particular:
    1. Keep records of who has been awarded a trophy.
    2. Work with recipients to ensure that perpetual trophies are returned for the next round in a timely manner.
    3. Manage the upkeep of trophies.

The SLSNZ Honours and Awards Committee has recommended for the 2018/19 we prioritise securing new trophies for the following events:

SLSNZ New Zealand Championships Perpetual trophies

    • Open Womens Surf Race
    • Open Mens Board Race
    • Open Womens Board Race

However, subject to the process below, proposals for other trophies may be submitted.

To bring IRB Racing into line with the SLSNZ New Zealand Championships and the annual SLSNZ Advanced Lifeguard School the 21 Club has agreed to provide the following trophies:

SLSNZ BP IRB Championships - Trophies awarded each year - 21 Club Plaques awarded to the club of the top crew in each of the age groups and genders competed (ie 1 plaque per category)

    • Open Men
    • Open Women
    • U22 Men
    • U20 Women
    • U19 Men

The 21 Club will assess, going forward, the need to do the same at the SLSNZ Pool Rescue Championships.

Process to consider new Perpetual Trophies

The SLSNZ H&A Committee will consider written proposals which detail the following –

  1. The event the trophy would be allocated to.
  2. The proposed name of the trophy.
  3. The proposed form the trophy will take, including the use of logos, the make up of the trophy (cup, plaque, carving ….)
  4. The connection between the donor and the event/category.
  5. Proposals may be submitted at any time and should be addressed to the SLSNZ H & A Committee via SLSNZ CEO

While we will endeavour to assess each proposal quickly we would appreciate offers to be received as early as possible before the first presentation to enable considered discussion, a decision, board approval and the commissioning of the trophy itself.

For more information, please contact:

Sheryl McLay, Chair - SLSNZ H & A Committee & Secretary - 21 Club of SLSNZ


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