SLSNZ Staff Changes

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Staff Changes
There have been some changes to some operational staff roles & responsibilities as well as job titles in order to create a clearer operational team under our new Chief Operations Officer. Click here to find out more and to see the new SLSNZ management structure.

The following changes have been made to roles, responsibilities and job titles;

National Managers
Belinda Slement, formerly the Member Development Manager reporting to Allan Mundy, has become the National Education Manager, reporting directly to Adam Wooler, the Chief Operations Officer. The new role will see Belinda take a more strategic view of our member education and leadership development, whilst still ensuring quality programmes and resources are produced.
Allan Mundy remains as the National Lifesaving Manager with a narrower focus of Lifesaving & SAR, although currently still overseeing the Schools Education programmes until this important life saving area is reviewed in due course.
Mike Lord remains as the National Sport Manager.

National Officers
Ross Merrett continues as Sport Development Officer working for Mike Lord, but on a 3-day week basis. The remaining 2-days per week, Ross will work as the Health & Safety Co-ordinator reporting directly to the Chief Operations Officer. This new role will increase the cross organisational capability on all H&S matters and will lead to an increased focus in this important area.
Alan Coates continues as the Events Logistics Officer, reporting to Mike Lord.
Shelley Morris, formerly Member Development Project Support, is renamed Education Development Officer on an extended 4-day week basis, still reporting to Belinda Slement.
Nathan Smith, formerly Event Safety Co-ordinator, is renamed Event Water Safety Officer with a wider remit to support both external and internal events from a safety perspective, still reporting to Allan Mundy.
Dave Hickey, formerly Rescue Asset Manager, is renamed National Powercraft Officer, with the scope of the role aligned with the new Powercraft Advisory Group, still reporting to Allan Mundy.

Regional Teams
There is currently no change to the regional teams, although a review of the club development / club support officer role to bring greater cross organisational alignment will take place in due course.