2018 High Performance Squads announced

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is proud to announce its High Performance Squads for 2018.

The squads were named today at the conclusion of the TSB New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships in Gisborne.

New Zealand Open squad:

Andrew Trembath, St Clair
Carina Doyle, St Clair
Casie Fyall, Waikanae
Chris Dawson, Midway
Cory Taylor, Midway
Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay
Jessica Miller, Mount Maunganui
Kodi Harman, Papamoa
Lewis Clareburt, Lyall Bay
Libby Bradley, Mount Maunganui
Max Beattie, Omanu
Madison Kidd, Papamoa
Murdoch Finch, Omanu
Natalie Peat, Papamoa
Oliver Puddick, Mt Maunganui
Olivia Corrin, Midway
Olivia Eaton, Mount Maunganui
Rachel Clarke, Mairangi Bay
Steven Kent, Titahi Bay 

Coach: Jason Pocock
Team Manager: Mark Weatherall 

New Zealand Development squad:

Bayden Botha, Mairangi Bay
Ben Lewis, Ocean Beach Kiwi
Corneille Coetzee, Orewa
Daniel Hart, Papamoa
Daniel Rippon, Piha
Ella Drinnan, Piha
Hamish Miller, Mt Maunganui
Jamie Gedye, Waikanae
Javon McCallum, Fitzroy
Lincoln Waide, Mt Maunganui
Matthew Scott, Midway
Samalulu Clifton, Mairangi Bay
Scott Cowdrey, Papamoa
Wilrich Coetzee, Red Beach 

Coach: Danny Morrison
Assistant Coach: Jack Gavin 

New Zealand Youth squad:

Aidan Smith, Papamoa
Andie Quirke, Piha
Astaria Teaukura, Mairangi Bay
Atakura Julian, Lyall Bay
Briana Irving, Waikanae
Claudia Kelly, East End
Daniel Shanahan, Mt Maunganui
Declan Dempster, Mt Maunganui
Hannah Baker, East End
Joe Collins, Fitzroy
Jonathan Selman, Red Beach
Christy Tate, Waikanae
Kiahi Horan, Omanu
Lauren Pickett, Waikanae
Levi Ata, Piha
Lochlainn O'Connor, Mt Maunganui
Louis Clark, Taylors Mistake
Lucy Makaea, Piha
Lucy North, East End
Luther Maxwell, Lyall Bay
Macy Burns, Lyall Bay
Michael Pickett, Waikanae
Mitch Cowdrey, Papamoa
Molly Shivnan, Omanu
Oscar Williams, Piha
Patrick Makgill, Red Beach
Reece Akuhata, Ocean Beach Kiwi
Ruby Sussock, Whangamata
Samuel Poching, Mairangi Bay
Sasha Reid, Fitzroy
Sophie Irving, Lyall Bay
Sophie Sandford, Omanu
Tayla Dalton, Mairangi Bay
Tessa Bradley, Mt Maunganui
Thomas Scott, Omanu
Zac Reid, Fitzroy

Coach: Matt Cairns
Team Manager: Shane Smith 

A team of 12 athletes will be selected for the Open team, known as the Black Fins, to represent New Zealand at the 2018 Lifesaving World Championships, taking place in Adelaide in November. This team, along with the youth team known as the Junior Black Fins, will be named in the coming months after team camps and further testing. 

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is also sending a team of 10 to represent New Zealand at the 2018 Sanyo Cup in Japan in June and this team will be announced over the coming weeks.

The Development and Youth Squads include athletes who have the potential to represent New Zealand at both Open and Youth levels in the future. 

All squads are selected for a 12 month period and the National Selectors reserve the right to add athletes to squads at any time.

Congratulations to all the selected athletes. 

For more information, please contact:

Mike Lord, Sport Manager, SLSNZ
Phone: 027 457 1025