Zespri Gisborne-Tairāwhiti Surf Lifesaving Awards of Excellence finalists announced

Monday, 18 June 2018

Surf Life Saving Clubs from around the Gisborne-Tairāwhiti area are getting set to celebrate the contribution made by volunteer members over the past season with the annual Zespri Gisborne-Tairawhiti Surf Lifesaving Awards of Excellence.

Every year, regional Awards of Excellence ceremonies are held around the country to officially recognise members for their hard work and dedication to Surf Life Saving in New Zealand.

The ceremonies include the presentation of lifesaving, sport and regional service awards from throughout the Gisborne-Tairāwhiti region including Ūawa Tiaki Tai - Tolaga Bay, Wainui, Waikanae, Midway and Ngāti Porou.

Some of the top awards will include Lifeguard of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Rescue of the Year and Club of the Year.

Chris Emmett, Surf Life Saving Eastern Region Manager, says the awards are an important way to end a busy season and recognise the contribution our lifeguards make to their communities.

"These Awards of Excellence are the perfect way to say thanks to all our members who have poured in so much time and energy over the 2017-18 patrol season.

We are very pleased to have our partner Zespri supporting these awards, as we've received a large number of nominations this year which goes to show our members doing lots of great work in the community and shows how much we need supporters like Zespri,"

"Surf lifeguards make such a valuable contribution to the Gisborne Tairawhiti area by keeping our coastline safe, and this is our way of thanking them for that hard work. We wouldn't be able to enjoy our stunning beaches as much without them looking after us," he added.

To stay up to date with Gisborne-Tairawhiti awards, or any other lifesaving news from the area, follow the SLSNZ Eastern Region Facebook page.

The SLSNZ Zespri Gisborne-Tairāwhiti Awards of Excellence will take place at The Whitehouse restaurant on Friday June 29 and feature live acoustics from Ben Wilkinson.

Gisborne/Tairawhiti finalists:

Emerging Coach of the Year:
Ella Van Kregten - Waikanae SLSC
Olivia Corrin - Midway SLSC
Sonia Keepa - Wainui SLSC

Coach of the Year:
Dion Williams - Wainui SLSC
Cory Hutchings - Waikanae SLSC
Matthew Sutton - Midway SLSC

McLeods Emerging Official of the Year:
Eric Clearwater - Waikanae SLSC
Peter Simmons - Wainui SLSC

McLeods Official of the Year:
Debbie Hutchings - Waikanae SLSC
Susan Quilter - Wainui SLSC
Sports Team of the Year:

Sports Team of the Year
Midway U12 Women's Pool Relay Team
Waikanae U19 Women's Board Relay Team
Wainui U16 Women's Board Relay Team

Sports Person of the Year- U14 Male:
Lachie Falloon - Waikanae SLSC
Jack Keepa - Wainui SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- U14 Female:
Sophie Petro - Midway SLSC
Chloe Kapene - Waikanae SLSC
Imogen Amor-Bendall - Wainui SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- U16 Male:
Jack Keepa - Wainui SLSC
Michael Pickett - Waikanae SLSC
Will Pittar - Midway SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- U16 Female:
Ava Smith - Wainui SLSC
Briana Irving - Waikanae SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- U19 Male:
Jordan Mclarin - Waikanae SLSC
Louis Birkhead - Wainui SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- U19 Female:
Olivia Corrin - Midway SLSC
Lauren Pickett - Waikanae SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- Open Male:
Quaid Thompson - Waikanae SLSC
Cory Taylor - Midway SLSC
Jack Virtue - Wainui SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- Open Female:
Casie Fyall - Waikanae SLSC
Jasmine Smith - Wainui SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- Masters Male:
Adam Tate - Waikanae SLSC
Rob Fergus - Midway SLSC

Sports Person of the Year- Masters Female:
Sonia Keepa - Wainui SLSC
Leigh Sheldrake - Waikanae SLSC

International Performance of the Year:
Olivia Corrin - Midway SLSC
Casie Fyall - Waikanae SLSC

Emerging U19 Volunteer Lifeguard of the Year:
Louis Birkhead - Wainui SLSC
Travis Mitchell - Waikanae SLSC
Jacob Corrin - Midway SLSC

Pacific Medicare Volunteer Lifeguard of the Year:
Andrew Shelton - Waikanae SLSC
Chris Niven - Midway SLSC
Louis Birkhead - Wainui SLSC

Regional Lifeguard of the Year:
Colby Putnam - Wainui SLSC
Matt Walters - Brighton SLSC
Fern Stuart - Waikanae SLSC

Patrol Captain of the Year:
Rama Robertson - Midway SLSC
Belinda Slement - Wainui SLSC
Eric Clearwater - Waikanae SLSC

Instructor of the Year:
Michelle Mitchell - Waikanae SLSC
John Minogue - Wainui SLSC

Beach Ed Instructor of the Year:
Sonia Keepa - Wainui SLSC
Steffan John - Midway SLSC

Examiner of the Year:
Andrew Shelton - Waikanae SLSC
Jeremy Lockwood - Wainui SLSC

Volunteer of the Year:
Nigel Hope - Waikanae SLSC
David Corrin - Midway SLSC
Salvatore Zame - Wainui SLSC

BP Rescue of the Year:
Waikanae - January 8, 2018
Ngati Porou - February 17, 2018
Waikanae - January 20, 2018

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