Memo: Patrol Operations Manual Working Group

Monday, 24 December 2018

Patrol Operations Manual Working Group

Terms of Reference

Type: Project Working Group

Title: Patrol Operations Manual Working Group POM-WG

Objective: To assist SLSNZ in the development of Surf Life Saving Patrol Operations Manuals

Responsible to: National Lifesaving Manager (NLM)

Updated: December 2018

Working Group Structure:

  1. National Lifesaving Manager, Lifesaving Development Officer (LDO) plus;
  2. The POM-WG shall comprise of seven (7) other persons as set out below. These appointments may include representatives from within Surf Life Saving and other stakeholders or organisations.
  3. The Chairperson will be a volunteer member of SLSNZ.
  4. Other SLSNZ staff may be invited to attend POM-WG meetings by the POM-WG Chairman in order to provide the POM-WG with direct technical comment in their field of expertise.
  5. A quorum shall be the Lifesaving Manager or nominated person plus four (4) committee members with a minimum of three geographical members present.


  1. By application through a call of expressions of interest and selected by appointments panel comprising of

National Lifesaving Manager SLSNZ

Chief Operations Office SLSNZ

Lifesaving Development Officer SLSNZ

Chair National Lifesaving Committee SLSNZ

Portfolio appointed member of the National Lifesaving Committee SLSNZ

  1. The Chairperson of the POM-WG will be appointed by the committee members at their first face-to face in meeting Wellington.
  2. The committee has the ability to co-opt on specialist skills if required.


  1. Appointed positions by application will be for a two (2) year term commencing February 8th 2019. First Year will include review of current documentation, development and beta testing of new POM’s with selected clubs. Second year 2020-2021 Full Club roll out


The following factors shall be taken into consideration when appointing members:

  1. The individual’s ability to think strategically and philosophically and contribute to the future development / direction of Surf Life Saving patrol operations right across New Zealand.
  2. The individual’s technical knowledge and understanding of Surf Life Saving patrol operations, its policies, regulations and models of best practice.
  3. The mix of skills and experience required across the committee as a whole.

Operating Principles:

  1. The POM-WG may choose to co-opt a representative from any of these committees on a temporary basis.
  2. It is anticipated there will be two face-to-face meetings of the committee this year, these will be in Wellington.
  3. In addition, the POM-WG shall meet and/or communicate via teleconference or email as deemed necessary by the LDO.
  4. All POM-WG meetings shall be conducted with an Agenda agreed by the LDO and Chairperson POM-WG, members may put forward agenda items to the Chairperson or LDO for consideration.
  5. Any personal or professional conflicts of interest with any items on a POM-WG agenda should be noted to the Chairperson at the start of the meeting.
  6. For clear and consistent communication meeting minutes will be emailed to the POM-WG after the meeting has been held. Unclassified meeting minutes will be sent to the NLC for their consideration.
  7. For clear and consistent communication no statements will be made concerning the work of the POM-WG, other than back to the NLM.
  8. Members of the POM-WG are to be positive role models for all members of SLSNZ.
  9. The POM-WG shall be united in supporting the positive implementation of the SLSNZ Lifesaving Plan and subsequent decisions in a non-partisan manner.
  10. Meetings, conference calls and any decisions made by email shall be recorded as minutes as deemed appropriate.
  11. Committee members will act in the interests of Surf Lifesaving overall, not just for the Region or club that they represent.

Work Plan Scope:

The scope of the review will include all three sections of the POM:

  • Section A (the summer patrol operations manual)
  • Section B (the Search and Rescue SOPS and contacts ECOS)
  • Section C (Lifesaving Policies)
  •  The final product must be both able to sit and function on an electronic platform as well as exist and function in a hard copy.
  • The final products must include :
    • All National Standard operating procedures NSOP’s
      All National Lifesaving policies
      All Local Operating Procedures. LOP’s
      All Club/Local/National contacts relevant to the SOP’s

The Vision:

To develop a working document/ documents that enhance the lifesaving capability of every lifeguard while undertaking lifesaving operations.


1 make information quicker and easier to access.

2 make updating information easier and at any time.


  1. The purpose of the committee is to:
  2. Discuss and debate matters within the “Work Plan Scope” as listed above.
  3. Provide positive leadership and contribution to Surf Life Saving operational document administration delivery and development.
  4. Provide the SLSNZ staff with advice, feedback and support.
  5. Decisions on various agenda items of the POM-WG shall be recorded as “endorsed” or “not endorsed”.
  6. Decisions from the POM-WG then are referred to the LDO and NLM for adoption (or otherwise) OR are endorsed/not endorsed by the POM-WG for the decision.

See Appendix 1 on the following page for the POM-WG Meeting Schedule.

Appendix 1: Patrol Operations Manual Working Group Meeting Schedule and Key Project Milestones


Meeting format / Key milestones

Meeting purpose

January 31st

- Call for expressions of interest close

February 8th

Working Group announced in member news

February 14th 6.00pm

Phone Conference

Introduction and Project Brief

February 23rd

Sit down meeting Wellington

Workshop project outputs specific timelines and milestone dates

April 1st

Phone Conference

Review of interim report and consultation questions

April 10th

Interim report with consultation (Amber) to membership.

May 10th

- Membership consultation closes

May 14th

Phone Conference

Consultation Review and subsequent actions

May 22nd

Feedback incorporated into draft documents

June 1st

Sit down meeting Wellington

Work shop on Final solutions

Internal PR membership campaign development for Beta test

June 15th

Phone Conference

Review final drafts of POMs

July 19th

- POM 2019-20 Released to Selected Clubs for Beta testing 2019-20

April 4th May 1st 2020

Internal membership campaign on the POMs Release to All Clubs

June 5th 2020

Phone Conference

Review roll out and trouble shoot if needed

For more information, please contact:

Allan Mundy, National Lifesaving Manager
Mobile 027 245 2660 
Phone: 07 574 2061 ext 708