Outward Bound - A Masters View

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

So, you leave your life at the Anikiwa front desk, your iPad, iphone, daily newspapers and TV News. You replace these with a healthy dose of discipline (do not be late...for anything), physical challenges, self worth and a mantra to “be your best self

You meet 14 others, you struggle at first to remember names, you find out who snores, who likes beans or spaghetti, who misses coffee and, as each day unfolds, you come to trust, respect and rely on these 14 people.

You meet your instructors, who drip feed you just enough information to get you into the next day, they support you 100% and believe so much in OB it is at first unnerving and then so reassuring.

You test yourself physically and mentally. Each day brings with it new challenges, new tasks & as the course unfolds, you find new energy and confidence to complete each day

I was the oldest on my Masters Course. I was not the quickest, or the strongest or the fittest. But I did commit to each day and in return at the end of 21 days accepted the Outward Bound badge.

Challenge yourself, park your life for the length of a course, the experience gained will be with you forever.

Dave Rose
Mckenzie 642

To find out more about the Outward Bound scholarships available to SLSNZ members, click here