Emsisoft turns to drones in search of better surf protection

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Emsisoft and Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) have partnered up for a pioneering research project to improve the protection of surfers, using the latest drone and GPS drifter technology to map rips and underwater currents.

"The project, made possible with the support of Emsisoft, will provide more accurate data which will lead to a better understanding of the workings of rip currents at different locations," said Allan Mundy, SLSNZ National Lifesaving Manager. "If someone should get swept away in a rip, having the knowledge and understanding of the currents in that particular location will help narrow down the search area."

The joint project also aims to raise awareness of the unknown dangers of surfing, both in the water and online, and the importance of using technology to help us understand and prevent accidents in the future.

"At first thought, you may think that the only thing our organizations have in common is the terminology 'surf protection', but it's far more than that," says Christian Mairoll, CEO of Emsisoft. "Protecting web surfers from all sorts of internet threats requires a very similar approach to what the guys on the surf beaches do. Observation of the dangerous environment, analyzing specific threats and most importantly prevention of dangerous situations that surfers suffer from everyday. Advanced knowledge of the matter is key. It's the same online as on the water."

A dedicated Emsisoft website and video have been created to showcase how the innovative use of technology can make invisible dangers more tangible and raise awareness about the importance of being protected, be it in the water or online.

Since the first trial in November 2016, the pioneering project raised significant interest at a national level and was covered extensively in New Zealand local media across TV, radio and online. Emsisoft and SLSNZ are confident that the results will continue to provide value for future research, while helping those that are responsible for the protection of surfers.

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Click here to watch a video about Emsisoft & SLSNZ teaming up for #surfprotection.

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