World and national records broken at fourteenth annual pool champs

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Two new world records and 45 New Zealand records contributed to a hugely successful fourteenth annual pool champs that saw Mount Maunganui crowned top club overall.

The third and final day of the 2016 New Zealand Pool Championships at the Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Centre at AUT Millennium in Auckland today included the 200m super lifesaver, 4x50m obstacle relay, 100m tube swim with patient and fins, 100m manikin tow with fins and 6x50m mega relay.

Yesterday, Orewa's Sandra Burrow set a new World Record in the 65-69 Masters Women's 100m Obstacle Swim with a time of 1.33.17, beating the old record of 1:39.50. She backed that up this afternoon with another World Record in the 65-69 Masters Women's 100m Manikin Tow with a time of 1.36.25 (old record - 1.37.88).

In total, 45 new New Zealand records were set across the 200 events; 24 on day one, 13 on day two and another eight today.

With events such as manikin carry, line throw and swim with obstacles, the championships tests the athlete's rescue capability and helps competitors of all ages train for surf-based rescues in a more controlled environment.

Nationally, the largest group of entries comes from the Northern Region with 214 athletes entered from six different Surf Life Saving Clubs, followed by the Eastern Region with 197 entries from eight clubs. The Central Region has 137 entries from nine different clubs and Southern Region has 45 from seven clubs. A further 10 athletes took part from New South Wales in Australia.

Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service finished top of the club points table with 162 points across the Under 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19 and Open age groups to hold on to the Paul Kent Memorial Trophy for the second year in a row. Orewa was second with 111 points followed by Mairangi Bay on 74.

The top Masters Club Trophy, presented to the top club with culmination of points in the Masters age groups, went to Orewa Surf Club with 58 points. Red Beach was second on 45 points followed by Mairangi Bay with 34.

Surf Life Saving New Zealand Sport Manager Mike Lord says this year's pool championship was the biggest yet with a record 603 entries and it was also one of the most successful.

"What a way to kick-off the surf sport season! We pride ourselves on setting the way with pool rescue and the amazing results that came out of the three days of racing proved that. Two world records and over 40 New Zealand records is truly outstanding, he says.

"Congratulations to all of the athletes that raced hard and showed great sportsmanship. And special thanks must go out to the group of officials and volunteers that made this one of the smoothest events with sessions running on, and often ahead of, time," he says.

For more information and full session results please click here. For photos, please visit the SLSNZ Facebook page.

Overall club points

Mt Maunganui Lifeguard Service- 162
Orewa SLSC- 111
Mairangi Bay SLSC- 74
St. Clair SLSC- 71
Red Beach SLSC- 56
Lyall Bay SLSC- 51
Piha SLSC - 47
Sumner SLSC- 36
Fitzroy SLSC- 33
Omanu SLSC- 32
Wainui SLSC- 29
Waikanae SLSC- 28
Midway SLSC- 28
Papamoa SLSC- 25
Maranui SLSC- 24
East End SLSC- 18
Titahi Bay SLSC- 12
Waimairi SLSC- 10
Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service Inc - 8
Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services Inc- 6
New Plymouth Old Boys SLSC- 5
New Brighton SLSC- 2
Waikuku Beach SLSC- 2

Overall Masters club points

Orewa SLSC- 58
Red Beach SLSC- 45
Mairangi Bay SLSC- 34
New Brighton SLSC- 18
Lyall Bay SLSC- 17
Mt Maunganui LGS- 10
Papamoa SLSC- 10
Wainui SLSC- 10
Omanu SLSC- 9
Waikuku Beach SLSC- 9
Muriwai VLG- 8
Waikanae SLSC- 7
East End SLSC- 6
Worser Bay LSC- 6
South Brighton SLSC- 5
Fitzroy SLSC- 4
Omaha Beach SLSC- 2

World records

Sandra Burrow, Orewa
65-69 Masters Women's 100m Obstacle Swim, 1.33.17
65-69 Masters Women's 100m Manikin Tow, 1.36.25

New Zealand records

50m Swim with Fins:
Women's U13, St Clair, Erika Fairweather 00.24.84
Women's U16, East End, Claudia Kelly 00.21.38
Women's U19, Sumner, Cassie Wright 00.20.85
Women's Masters, Omanu, Jackie Read 00.26.22
Men's U11, Orewa, Kailen Brackebush 00.28.13
Men's U12, Mairangi Bay, Caameron Gilmore 00.26.03
Men's U16, Mt Maunganui, Lachlainn O'Connor 00.19.93
Men's U19, Fitzroy, Zac Reid 00.18.90
Men's Open, Sumner, Matthew Phillips 00.18.65

100m Manikin Carry with Fins:
Women's U16 Lyall Bay, Alaynah Bettany 01.00.00
Men's U16, Mt Maunganui, Lochlainn O'Connor 00.53.69
Men's U19, Piha, Oscar Williams 00.50.81

50m Swim with Obstacles:
Women's U11, Midway, Jodiesha Kirkpatrick 00.36.83
Men's U11, Maranui, Sam Kilduff 00.34.91

100m Swim with Obstacles:
Women's U13 St Clair, Erika Fairweather 01.08.99
Women's U14 Maranui, Sophie Irving 1.04.98
Women's Masters, Mairangi Bay, Penelope Strickland 01.13.80
Men's U13, Mt Maunganui, Tarquin Magner 01.05.15
Men's Masters Red Beach, Scott Rice 01.02.37

200m Swim With Obstacles:
Men's U16, Mt Maunganui, Lochlainn O'Connor 02.06.32

50m Rescue Medley - Brick:
Men's U13, Mt Maunganui, Tarquin Magner 00.28.36

100m Rescue Medley - Manikin:
Men's U16, Mt Maunganui, Lachlainn O'Connor 01.09.47

4 x 50m Medley Relay:
Women's U12, Mairangi Bay, Doyle G, Pocock M, Crawford Z, Redford 02.16.27
Women's U14 Orewa Freesir-Wetzell J, Sutherland E, Su'A LL,Wignell 02.00.28
Mixed Open, Wainui Quilter. Williams, Francis, Quilter 01.43.49
Mixed U19, Mairangi Bay, Beamish, Wilson, Troy, Quirke 02.03.77
Mixed U16, Mairangi Bay, Price, Kingi, Maccready, Salt 02.23.76

4 x 50m Obstacle Relay:
Women's U14 Orewa Su'A, Sutherland, Freesir-Wetzell, Wignell 02.08.64
Mixed U16, Mairangi Bay, Salt, Lees, McCready, Price 02.31.80
Mixed U19, Mairangi Bay, Beamish, Wilson, Troy, Quirke 02.11.83

Line Throw:
Women's U19 Midway, Blakeman J, Corrin O 00.15.82
Women's Masters, Papamoa, Boubee S, Miller J 00.16.13
Men's Masters Mt Maunganui Akroyd G, Newton A 00.13.52

50m Brick Carry without Fins:
Women's U13, St Clair, Erika Fairweather 00.35.56

50m Manikin Carry without Fins:
Women's U19 Mt Maunganui, Libby Bradley 00.37.92

4 x 25m Brick Relay:
Women's U12 Mt Maunganui Pearce, Wilson, Akroyd, Thompson 01.43.43
Women's U14, St Clair, Andrew, Underwood-Nocol, Wills, Fairweather 01.24.68
Men's U14, Mt Maunganui, Wagstaff, Magner, Shanahan, Reeder 01.19.64

4 x 25m Manikin Relay:
Women's U16 Lyall Bay, Bettany, Cox, Kingi, Edmonds 01.46.45
Women's Open, Sumner, Tucker, Wright, Quinn, Mason 01.38.52
Men's U16, Orewa, Ata, Stinson, Reinen, Cuff 01.31.52
Men's U19, Mt Maunganui, Dempster, O'Connor, Barron, Marshall 01.21.43
Men's Open, Piha, Newcombe, Ferguson, White, Parker 01.19.05

100m Manikin Tow with Fins:
Men's Masters New Brighton Andrew Cain 01.06.94

6 x 50m Mega Relay
Mixed Open, Mt Maunganui, Simpson, O'Connor, Bradley, Bradley, Barron, Akroyd 2.19.89


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