New leaders emerge in Under 14 Surf Life Saving Championships

Saturday, 5 March 2016

After three days of intense competition, Omanu Surf Life Saving Club is leading the Under 14 New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championship held in Mt Maunganui, with one day of competition to go.

With Omanu keen to defend their 2015 Under 14 Surf Life Saving Championship title, the competition is set to intensify with only six points separating the top five spots; which include other local favourites Papamoa and Mt Maunganui, with Red Beach and Waikanae [Gisborne] also in the running.

Today's events started with a two kilometre beach relay before athletes moved into the water for the tube rescue, board race, surf race, and board relay events.

Event referee, Simone Spencer, said: "There was a really fantastic vibe out there today and we're [Surf Life Saving officials] really impressed with how everything went today despite a couple of minor challenges that were thrown at us.

For safety reasons race officials moved one of the water arena's further along the beach for the younger competitors early this morning.

"All of our athletes did an amazing job out there, as they always do, and it is awesome to see everyone being so supportive. All I hear is parents, friends and team-mates cheering our athletes on and that creates such a great environment here," continued Spencer.

Sunday's event line-up sees the young competitors compete for overall honours in the surf race, the board race, the diamond race, and the Grand Cameron. A Grand Cameron race, the final race of the four-day event, consists of six team members; three females and three males who either run, swim or paddle-board in a relay-style race.

Dubbed Oceans 16, the Under 14 New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championship is one of Surf Life Saving New Zealand's largest events and encourages young children to pursue lifeguard opportunities as well as learning about water safety.

The final day of Oceans 16 starts tomorrow [Sunday March 6] from 8am at main beach in Mt Maunganui. Spectator entry to the event is free and there are plenty of food and drink options available for purchase.


Tube Rescue Results

U12 Women's
1. Erika Fairweather and Jade Fairweather (St Clair)
2. Poppy Wilson and Mia Gardiner (Mt Maunganui)
3. Kaela Bettany and Anna Bassett (Lyall Bay)

U12 Men's
1. Thomas Gadsbey and Gus Shivnan (Omanu)
2. Logan Philp and Sam Brown (Maranui)
3. Jack Willock and Lachie Falloon (Waikanae)

U14 Women's
1. Olive Pearce and Isabella Akroyd (Mt Maunganui)
2. Lucy Reid and Sophie Irving (Maranui)
3. Astaria Te Aukura and Lucy Holloway (Mairangi Bay)

U14 Men's
1. Patrick Makgill and Flynn Southcombe (Red Beach)
2. Nathan Proctor and Michael Picket (Waikanae)
3. Matthew Wagstaff and Daniel Shanahan (Mt Maunganui)

Board Relay Results

U12 Women's
1. Tamrah Titcombe, Holly Reynolds and Anna Tirikatene (Maranui)
2. Sian Bester, Natalie Burke and Maddison Savage (Orewa)
3. Mia Gardiner, Olivia Carr-Manoit and Murphy Waide (Mt Maunganui)

U12 Men's
1. Thomas Gadsbey, Gus Shivnan and Manning Baxter (Omanu)
2. Jayden Murphy, Caleb Cobb and Flynn Cowdrey (Mt Maunganui)
3. Sam Brown, Hugo Blackwood and Logan Philp (Maranui)

U14 Women's
1. Saffi Vette, Stella Smith and Bonnie Grealish (Wainui)
2. Joy Mitchell, Jessica Blewitt and Molly Shivnan (Omanu)
3. Kaitlin Cotter, Charlotte Minor and Olivia Grey (Westshore)

U14 Men's
1. Mitchell Irwin, Kiahi Horan and Thomas Scott (Omanu)
2. Lewis Farr, Oliver Puchner and Jack Hitchfield (Papamoa)
3. Hector Munro, Daniel Shanahan and Harrison Burns (Mt Maunganui)

2km Beach Relay Results

1. Briana Irving, Christy Tate, Jack Willock and George Allan (Waikanae)
2. Lucy Bartlett, Scarlett Glover, Baxter Kirk, Thomas Friskney (Omanu)
3. Liam Regan, Sean Nicholson, Jess Harray and Grace McGirr (Waihi Beach)


 Spectators cheer on the junior athletes at Day Three of the 2016 Under 14 New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships. Photo: Alana McIsaac