High Performance squads named

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Surf Life Saving New Zealand is pleased to announce its High Performance Squads for the 2016/17 season, including the team to represent New Zealand at the 2016 Sanyo Cup in Japan.

2016 Sanyo Cup team:

1. Adam Simpson, Mt Maunganui
2. Ben Cochrane, Omanu
3. Carina Doyle, St Clair
4. Casie Fyall, Waikanae
5. Daniel Hart, Papamoa
6. Jake Hurley, Mairangi Bay
7. Jessica Miller, Mt Maunganui
8. Kelsi Boocock, Red Beach
9. Matthew Scott, Midway
10. Olivia Corrin, Midway

Surf Life Saving New Zealand will be sending two teams to compete at the Lifesaving World Championships (Rescue 2016) in The Netherlands this September - a New Zealand Open Team (Black Fins) and a New Zealand Youth Team (Junior Black Fins).

The New Zealand Open, Development and Youth Squads were named today at the conclusion of the 2016 Eastern Bay Energy Trust New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships in Ohope.

New Zealand Open Squad:

1. Adam Simpson, Mt Maunganui
2. Andrew Trembath, St Clair
3. Andy McMillan, St Clair
4. Carina Doyle, St Clair
5. Chanel Morison, Mairangi Bay
6. Chris Dawson, Midway
7. Cory Taylor, Midway
8. Danielle McKenzie, Mairangi Bay
9. Devon Halligan, Omanu
10. Jake Hales, Papamoa
11. Jake Hurley, Mairangi Bay
12. Laura Quilter, Wainui
13. Lewis Clareburt, Lyall Bay
14. Marty McDowell, Titahi Bay
15. Max Beattie, Omanu
16. Murdoch Finch, Omanu
17. Natalie Peat, Papamoa
18. Olivia Eaton, Mt Maunganui
19. Olivia Corrin, Midway
20. Paul Cracroft-Wilson, Fitzroy
21. Samantha Lee, Lyall Bay
22. Steven Kent, Titahi Bay
23. Teneale Hatton, Piha
24. Zoe Hobbs, Fitzroy

The New Zealand Open Team, who will be fighting to retain their back-to-back World Championship title, will be chosen from athletes in the Open Squad between April 28-May 1 after training camps.

New Zealand Development Squad:

1. Ben Cochrane, Omanu
2. Ben Gillies, Piha
3. Ben Johnston, Papamoa
4. Casie Fyall, Waikanae
5. Daniel Hart, Papamoa
6. Daniel Rippon, Piha
7. Hayley Cox, Lyall Bay
8. Jasmine Smith, Wainui
9. Jessica Miller, Mt Maunganui
10. Kelsi Boocock, Red Beach
11. Liam Stephenson, Papamoa
12. Madison Kidd, Papamoa
13. Marina Macartney, Mairangi Bay
14. Matthew Scott, Midway
15. Perry Farrell, Mt Maunganui
16. Rebeca Cole, Fitzroy

New Zealand Youth Squad:

1. Aidan Smith, Papamoa
2. Aimee Daniels , New Plymouth
3. Alaynah Bettany, Lyall Bay
4. Bayden Botha, Mairangi Bay
5. Daniel Barron, Mount Maunganui
6. Devon Familton, St Clair
7. Ella Drinnan, Orewa
8. Ethan Clouston, Papamoa
9. Georgia Rathbone, Waimarama Beach
10. Grace Kaihau, Orewa
11. Hamish Miller, Mt Maunganui
12. Hannah Williams, Piha
13. Jamie Gedye, Waikanae
14. Javon McCallum, Fitzroy
15. Jenna Barrett, New Plymouth
16. Jessica Blakeman, Midway
17. Kane Sefton, Mt Maunganui
18. Lauren Pikett, Waikanae
19. Libby Bradley, Mt Maunganui
20. Locklainn O'Conner, Mt Maunganui
21. Mitch Cowdrey, Papamoa
22. Oscar Williams, Piha
23. Seb Johnson, Sumner
24. Sinead Malley, East End Taranaki
25. Zac Reid, Fitzroy

The Development and Youth Squads include athletes who have the potential to represent New Zealand at both Open and Youth levels in the future.

The New Zealand Youth team, who will travel with the Black Fins to Rescue 2016, will be announced between April 4-10.

All squads are selected for a 12 month period and the National Selectors reserve the right to add athletes to squads at any time.

Congratulations to all the selected athletes.